guy design, girl design

There is a difference between what (most) guys think is a good interior design idea and what (most) girls think is a good design idea.

But before I explain the story behind that, let me first tell you this story:

I've been slowly but surely adding little touches to my house. I painted the kitchen chairs blue, redid the guest bedroom/craft room and this past weekend hung some shelves in my living room.

My inspiration came from Apartment Therapy and a house (in Seattle of all places) that lined the walls of their living room with a chair rail.

Great idea, right?

I was set to pick up the supplies at a hardware store until my mom gave me some 100-year-old molding from above the doors in the house she recently fixed up. 

They turned out to be my perfect version of shelving for the living room.

The best part was arranging every thing on the shelves.

After I finished my project, my brother (who is living with the husband and I for a bit) commented that my shelves were dirty, and they had holes in them!

I just laughed. Guy design, girl design!

The husband though, the other day, told me something that I am never going to forget:
"Honey, you have full rein over the decor of the house." 


Check out this little beauty... another gift from my mom. A 100-year-old window and another aspect of decor that the guys in my life just don't get. 

p.s. If you're curious, I screwed a D-Ring hangers into both the shelves & window and then hung each on nails on the wall.


  1. You did such a great job! Very vintage-y :)

  2. wow, those shelves are AMAZING! love old stuff like that

  3. i heart that kind of stuff; so vintage-y & cottage-y!!

  4. gorgeous! our walls are a yellowy cream, too. So nice when the weather gets dreary. Lovely work, would love to see more!

  5. yes erika! LOVE THIS. and now, just so you know, you have given me inspiration for the empty wall in my living room. Thank you, thank you very much (please, read in elvis voice).

  6. bahaha my guy does not understand some of the things i do to our house either.
    love the shelf idea though!!!
    xox dana

  7. Hi Erika! Just found your blog via Just Lovely Things. I'm in Seattle going to Seattle Pacific University for interior design. Well, I'm actually home in CA for summer, but will be back in September (: I'm going into my third year there, so I'm just now getting adjusted to the weather! Where abouts in Seattle do you live? I'm in Queen Anne. How fun to meet another design loving blogger in the same city! xo Michaela


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