saturday snapshot (take 3)

so in college the husband and I were really into Halloween.

Let me take that back.

In college, I was into Halloween and made the husband play along.

(he's a good sport.)

One year we were scouts: (those are legit uniforms by the way, borrowed from family & friends.)

Then the following year we were a punk rock duo.

And the husband let me put eye liner on him! (I think it was a one-off deal...)

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V.P. & CFO

I just realized that I have been unfair.
Here I am just blogging and blabbing away without introducing two very important members of the Rouge & Whimsy team.

While I am designer, creater, blogger and crafter-supreme, I also rely on my very helpful and supportive Vice-President of Operations. My husband Evan was recently hired to take on this role and while he can not sew, create custom hair accessories and I don't let him blog here (yet), he is excellent at running to the post office at a moments notice (when I am too lazy swamped to mail an order out.) He also provides daily commentary and support, as well as takes the occasional photo.

And then there's CFO Nesby. While I wish he'd handle finances as Chief Financial Officer, he keeps me on my toes as Crazy Freak Officer by eating craft supplies (he has a penchant for feathers), demanding walks and getting the puppy crazies and running through the house. 
Both play significant roles in my business and I'm not sure where I'd be without them.

(well I may have a few more feathers-- but that's not important, is it?)


suffer for beauty

Suffer for beauty.

Did anyone ever tell you that growing up?
I had an aunt who would pull my hair back so tight that my eyebrows stretched to my hairline, giving me a perpetually surprised look. If I had the audacity to complain, she would simply tell me, "Erika, didn't you know? You must suffer for beauty."

I generally don't like to follow this mantra but yesterday I did it by accident.  See I splurged on these cute high-waisted trousers but they require heels. So I wore my (semi-new) cute nude patent heels (thank you Marshalls) to work.

a torture device innocently disguised as the perfect nude pump.
Honestly I think my feet grew. Or the sexy little suckers shrunk. I now am the proud owner of four nasty blisters-- the kind that throb with a heartbeat all their own. I'd take pictures to show you but, well, I'd like to encourage the use of your imagination. 

It didn't help that I hoofed it several blocks to meet with a potential custom accessory client. She was sweet and well-worth it but by the time I got back to the day job the dogs were not just barking. They were all-out howling.

So much for beauty. I'm pretty sure it's not beautiful, no matter how cute your shoes are, to limp to the bus stop. 

I'm not sure I'm at the Working Girl phase yet (wearing tennis shoes with the work outfit while commuting) but there has got to be a better option.

Anyone have suggestions for comfy but CUTE high heels? 

what i love wednesday [#4]

This week it's all about things I love that you can't buy from a store...

My husband who spoiled me way too much on my birthday. (Anthropologie shopping trip anyone?)

A few dear friends who constantly encourage me in my little foray into indie biz.

Little friends (square)

Finally some sunshine peeking into Seattle weather.

And my little monster of a dog who despite his naughty tendencies, never ceases to make me laugh.

See more of what people love at lollipopscards.com!

happy wednesday :)


happy birthday [revisited]

On Friday night the husband and I went to downtown Seattle for dinner.
We usually avoid downtown-- I work down there every day and get enough of it then. What with bad traffic and lack of [free or cheap] parking, we prefer to stay in the north neighborhoods near our house.

But it was our birthday (yes both of our birthdays; the husband is older) so we made the 20 minute trek downtown for dinner near Pike Place Market. The sun was setting, it was nice for once and I decided to play tourist and snap photos on my iPhone.


birthday post

I never loved nobody fully always one foot on the ground and by protecting my heart fully i got lost in the sounds
April 22—today—is my birthday and in honor of such an occasion (yes, I know it happens to be Earth Day too) I’d like to share a 22 percent off discount Friday through Sunday at 7 p.m. (Pacific Time) with the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY.

And for all of you new blog followers, I’m sharing 24 random and not so random things about me for the 24 years I’ve been on this Earth (in a slight chronological order):

1. I was born in Edmonds, Washington, a beach town about 20 miles from the outskirts of Seattle. And I truly love this state.

2. My parents moved from California to Washington when my mom was a few months pregnant with me.

3. I have two younger brothers—one graduating from high school this spring, and one from college.

4. My red hair is natural. And I hated it growing up.

5. I share my birthday with my husband. He’s one year older than me. Before you gasp in astonishment, consider this: My best friend growing up had the same birthday as me, and two of my husband’s college friends share this date as well.

6. I prefer beer to wine. (Not the cheap stuff though, microbrews only!)

7. I am quite literally addicted to coffee and drink at least a cup a day or else I'll get a wicked headache.

8. My mom sewed all my clothes growing up until I told her at age 11 that it was no longer cool to do so.

9. I almost minored in French in college and love the country. (Yes, I’ve been there but no I can’t remember any of the language now.)

10. I worked for my first two years out of college at a large newspaper (and was part of a Pulitzer Prize winning team.)

11.My husband and I own our home. We bought it a year ago in North Seattle and are now in debt for the next 30 years.

12. I really really do not like monkeys and am actually quite afraid of them.

13. I’m a speed reader and have been known to finish a book of 200 pages on a flight from L.A. to Seattle—that’s 2 ½ hours, in case you’re wondering.

14. Speaking of flying, I didn’t go on my first plane trip until I was 14! It was a trip to California to see family.

15. I am terrible at math and can’t do simple subtraction or addition without counting on my fingers—including figuring out how many hours I slept a night.

16. I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in journalism.

17. Currently I work in downtown Seattle in a very tall building on the 46th floor. I can see Mt. Rainier from my office window as well as Puget Sound.

18. My maiden name is Cederlind.

19. Despite the red hair, I am not in fact Irish but ¼ Swedish, ¼ Norwegian, ¼ German and ¼ Polish.

20. My friends in college nicknamed me “Mom” for my mothering tendencies. (I lived in a house with 15 other girls all four years.)

21. My brother threw up during my husband and my vows on our wedding day due to heat exhaustion. There was a random heat wave through Seattle and at our outdoor ceremony it was nearly 100 degrees…at 5 p.m. in the evening and he was wearing a black suit.

22. I planned our wedding in less than 6 months.

23. I absorb random trivia like a sponge. For instance: An elephant has a gestation period of 24 months (memorized from playing Trivial Pursuit as a freshman in high school) and all hamsters in the U.S. originated from a single litter than came from Russia. (not sure where I learned that.)

24. According to my husband my two most annoying habits are 1. Not closing cabinet doors. 2. When I talk I often start a sentence only to trail off midway, not completing my train of thought.

Thanks for putting up with this overshare! And if you want to share trivia about you (or any other random trivia you know) comment below or email me at rougeandwhimsy@gmail.com (Random fact #25: I love comments and getting email.)


custom orders

I am really excited to [formally] introduce custom orders to my shop. My favorite part of having a handmade business is having the freedom to create things for people that they truly will love-- items that are personalized and customized just for them.

Recently I made flower and feather with black tulle netting for a vintage-esque hair accessory for bridesmaids:

Someone also asked for a simple black flower and black feather clip:

I'd love to work with you to create something new-- email me at rougeandwhimsy@gmail.com for rates and more information. (Hint: I'm pretty affordable) :)

what i love wednesday [#3]

I'm linking up with the sweet and talented Krystina of lollipops cards for what I love Wednesday. :)

I love a lot of things this week but I'm narrowing it down to stuff I love on etsy. (My birthday is coming up so I'm hoping that perhaps some of these things will make their way to my mailbox? A girl can dream...)

1. I need this kind of encouragement in the morning-- especially on an adorable print like this one from TinkandTank. I bought one of her prints as a wedding gift for my cousin and she loved it.

2. Multiflower Lili Clutch by BagatellesAnd Co. This bag. This print. These colors. What else can I say? I want it.

3. The Denim Necklace by Tamar. I love me some jeans and putting it into a necklace is brilliant.

4. Sweetheart Tree by AisleToAloha. She calls her paintings cuties and you can see why--they're especially great in coral.

5. Love banner by Victorian Station. I have a perfect spot for this over my bed.

6. LOVE by Vol25. Yellow and gray and an ode to the old-fashioned way of writing.

What I'm also loving is my new logo, dreamed up for me by a friend of mine. I just got my new business cards in the mail and a custom rubber stamp is on its way to me too. What do you think?


saturday snapshot (take 2)

I'm linking up again to lovely Kim of Oh Sweet Joy for Saturday Snapshot. This is honestly one of my favorite linky parties because who doesn't love sharing and looking through photos? (Kudos Kim!!)

Story behind this shot? My first and only fishing experience was at age 19 on a boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with my best friend and her family. Her dad paid for us to go a deep sea fishing excursion while we were in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. And no joke, I caught this marlin (with the help of the lovely gentlemen on either side of me.) It was catch and release so this big guy just stayed around for the photo shoot before going back into the water. But it's evidence of what my brother says is "baller status." I show it off to people when they question my tough exterior.

Be sure to see all the other Saturday Snapshots today!


live like a local -- Virginia from Geeky & Sassy

Welcome to number three in my April series, Live Like a Local. Last week we toured Osaka with Louana, the week before was a journey to Georgia with Megan

This week I'd like to introduce you to Virginia of Geeky & Sassy. Virginia is a friend I met through Indie Biz and not only is she friendly and encouraging but she has an adorable fresh shop with unique pillows--check it out!

Introduce yourself in a sentence or two (blog, shop, etc):
I'm a wife, mom of two, new etsy shop owner and maker of pillows and home decor fun.  I'm crazy clutsy (I fell down the library stairs at my university and never lived it down) and love to run, hike, drink coffee and eat chocolate.  
Where do you live? 
I live in Muskegon, Michigan....I've lived most of my years between here and Grand Haven, with a few in Nashville, TN  I grew up just south of here in Grand Haven, but moved when I got married.  Muskegon is an old lumbering town with a lot of history.  My Grandma would tell me stories of downtown theatres and shopping during the depression.  Downtown "Ski-town" has been working hard to make it "the place to be" like the other lake towns.  It's been a struggle, but a lot of people have been investing a lot of time and money and it's coming back slowly.  My husband and I actually got married in the downtown theatre on a Sunday afternoon (my church met in a high school at the time and I wasn't up for that ;-)

How do you spot a local?
In the summer locals are on bike, walking and not sunburned. (Tourists seem to think that the Lake Michigan beach's sun isn't as strong)  In the winter they're the ones driving by the out of state cars in the ditch.  

Where, in your opinion, is the best local place to eat? 
Bernie O's Pizza - he's famous for his Twist pizza.  Ah-maz-ing.  Really!  I'd get it shipped if I moved away again!  It's got garlic, ranch, cheese, chicken, bacon, jalapenos, yellow peppers and pineapple.  It sounds disgusting I know, but it's so not!
The Cheese Lady (pictured above) is a fun shopping experience and she has cheeses from all over the world.  She lets you try them and it's a fun time to stand there and pick out different ones.  It's really an experience!

Where do locals hangout?
It's hard to say, because we really do have the 4 seasons.  In the summer I would say walking the boardwalk by the lake, farmer's market, wandering downtown, going to the beach.   In the winter it would be the outdoors sports complex with ice hockey, a luge, cross country skiing or the mall to get away from the snow.  In the fall people like to head to the farms with pumpkin patches, apple cider and donuts.  
Why do you love being a local in your hometown?
Definitely the beach.  I take it for granted.  I can drive by one of the world's largest fresh water lakes everyday.  Coffee, a good book and sunshine at the lake, or kayaking with my hubby.

Thanks for sharing Virginia! I love cheese and visiting of The Cheese Lady sounds like fun!
Link up with your own hometown story or share it with me at rougeandwhimsy [at] gmail [dot] com.



11 Questions-- featured on the eleventh monkey

I met Louana through Indie Biz and quickly fell in love with her quirky little felt animals and fun blog.

I recently featured her here with a tour of Osaka and today my answers to her eleven questions are up on her blog. Check it out!


sponsor post at sandy a la mode

Sandy a la Mode

I'm featured over on Sandy a la mode today. Check it out! I'm giving away this headband in your choice of colors.

And I'm offering 15% off with SANDYLOVE if you don't want to wait for the giveaway.

what I did this weekend

I laughed, I cried, I celebrated as my dear friend and cousin got married to her best friend.

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