new line: late summer

I've had a ton of new designs for the shop

but due to weddings

sunny Seattle weather

family in town

and taking a break from the computer to spend time with the husband

my shop has not been updated.

I know... excuses, excuses, excuses.

But I finally have a few new items 
and am introducing my limited line: Late Summer

These are fabric flowers attached to fun embroidered ribbons that are sewn to thin black elastic. 

I think the headbands provide just enough hippie chic to finish an outfit.

I love 'em a lot but I'm only making a few.
They're in the shop right now and get free shipping with the discount code: ILOVEFREE

Hope you guys have a great weekend. I really did-- just wish they were longer. :)


  1. I'm going to buy one right now! Free shipping to San Diego? :)

  2. Those are SO cute! Unfortunately I had to purchase something else from your shop ;-)

  3. Erika - these are marvelous! Once again you've outdone yourself!

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