I (still) read blogs

Just a few posts I read + loved this week. Swing by and read through them-- leave a comment or two-- I know they'll appreciate it.

... clockwise from top left

>> a post from haley at the tiny twig which is a lot like the post I wrote yesterday

>> a right-on-the-mark post on inner beauty from latonya yvette

>> a post from annapolis & company about designing your home or rental to fit you

>> a post about why we need beautiful things in this world-- like a cake topper -- from oh hello love

other things I've stumbled across and loved:

>> cats + vulnerability by shauna niequist

>> strawberry lavender scone recipe by m loves m

>> should vs. must by wit and delight

read anything good lately? please share.

also, happy good friday. and happy weekend + easter. I am hosting easter dinner, which makes me feel like a grown-up. the husband kindly reminded me that, unforunately, although I don't often feel grown-up, my age and my house do, in fact, make me kind of a grown-up.

xo, erika


why i (still) blog

Someone asked me the other day how long I had been blogging and I realized that it's been over four years, much longer than I realized.

Of course I've only been over here at rouge + whimsy for three-ish years. I started blogging at another blog just about the husband and I. Then it transitioned and I changed the name and here I am... still blogging.

I started the blog because back then I had a tough job. I was working weird hours -- 4 p.m. to 2 am. -- I was newly married and I was lonely. I needed something to fill my time while my husband and friends were at work and I was at home in a tiny apartment. So I started the blog. Started sewing. And here I am, today.

Today I have a good day job with "normal" hours and my handmade shop keeps me as busy as ever. But I keep blogging. And the thing is, unlike the other two things, blogging hasn't gotten necessarily better for me. I feel like I used to have a lot more engagement here on this space -- more comments, more interaction. Now I feel like people are more apt to comment or tap a heart on instagram. I mean, I get it -- we're busy and reading blogs and commenting is a lot more effort than scrolling through pretty images on ig.

So why do I blog? With less comments? Less engagement? Truth be told, I do it because I like it. I know this is not how I am going to get famous, how I am going to make money, or get a book deal or anything. But while I was in Uganda and writing there, I was reminded that a big part of me is a writer. I love to write, I love to share -- even if it's only just for me. A bit part of it is processing. I work through things while I type and there's a part of me that hopes some of the words I write help others work through things-- even if it's just working out what to make for dinner or what to wear the next day.

Blog posts still run through my head -- I have yet to run out of things to say. I'm typing this now at 10:30 at night. I turned off my light, put away the computer but lay awake, because this exact blog post (and two others) were rolling around in my head. They needed to be written out. I needed to blog.

Do you blog? If so, why?

no matter your reason, write on.

xo, erika


a toilet in my yard (basement remodeling update)

When the husband and I bought our little house in Seattle, one of the thing we were excited about was the small, unfinished basement.

Someday, we told ourselves, we would turn into something great.

That someday has come. We've owned our home for four years and we've tackled many of the other projects it needed (painting, landscaping, among other things.) This winter we had a series of unfortunate events that led us to decide that the plumbing really needed some attention. (The plumbing and electrical in the house had never been updated.) While we were in the midst of updating the plumbing, we decided to tackle the electrical too; the walls are ripped up, might as well do it all! So now we're on a full adventure to finishing our basement.

The full adventure has meant some unforeseen costs (hello sewer line broken in three places) and some major disruption (oh hey, toilet in the backyard) but we're finally at the point where I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. After buying insulation and ducting, the husband and I are going to actually get to pick out fun stuff-- like paint colors and flooring and lighting.

the basement before. so scary.

some framing in!

we're roughing it ;)

 sheetrock getting put up!

I have a few ideas of what I want our basement to look like. I need to get the buy-in from the husband about some things (he has very strong opinions about rugs), but otherwise I'm thinking slate blue with white and grays and some rustic touches.

1. I love the mix of blue and white cabinets. We're not springing for marble countertops though...

2. I love this rug from West Elm. (Husband, what do you think?)

3. Pendant night from Ikea

4. Inspiration from A Beautiful Mess for creating a beautiful laundry room

5. I want to do some sort of paneled wall, like is shown here.

you can see more of my ideas on my Zillow Digs board.

xo, erika


fish tacos and lime slaw

It's not quite summer, but after a winter of stews and roasted veggies, I am ready for some summer food.

For two days, Seattle was fully on team spring with balmy temps and cloudless skies. Now we're back to typical, moody April weather but during those few perfect days, I decided to eat like it was summer.

One of my favorite summer meals? Fish tacos with a light, lime slaw. (And I know limes are really pricey right now, but I couldn't resist.)

Fish tacos:
1-2 lbs of white fish (serving size is about 6 oz per person)
1/2 head of cabbage shredded or 1/2 bag of pre-shredded coleslaw mix
1 lime
1/4 cup of plain yogurt
1 tsp cumin
salt and peper to taste
handful of cilantro leaves, chopped
corn tacos, heated
optional toppings: avocado, hot sauce

Rub white fish with cumin and barbecue or pan cook. (Nervous about cooking fish? This article is helpful.)
Meanwhile, whisk together juice of one lime, yogurt.
Toss with cabbage and cilantro.
Top each corn taco with fish, slaw, and avocado and hot sauce.

Easy, delicious, almost summer meal. June, you're coming soon, right?

xo, erika


there are good things and great things

I am an ideas person. A big ideas person. As a child, I was full of big ideas and those around me were often forced into being a part of them. My brothers were subject to dress-up and full-on theater productions.

The thing is my ideas are often directionless. I get so excited about so many different things and quite honestly, I feel like I could wear so many different hats. I have ideas about my shop. About my blog. About a book I want to write, about a store I could open. There are so many things out there and sometimes I flounder at picking just one -- or following through on just one thing.

Is this just me? Maybe I am a part of today's generation that goes from job to job-- unable to stay in one place. Directionless, or rather, full of direction, but in every which way.

Once upon a time, someone wise told me -- and I can't remember who it was -- that there are many good things, but there are only a few great things. Pursue the great things, they told me.

I am often caught up in all the good things. All the events I could go to, the places I could volunteer, the ideas I could pursue. These are good things, there's no denying that. But what are the great things? And once I know those great things, how can I say yes to those?

Right now I am not sure what the great things are for me. I know, quite simply, that my faith is a great thing, my family and friends are great things, but other than that-- when I look at my future -- I am not sure what great could be, yet.

xo, erika

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