five days in france: 1978

In 1978 my mom had just graduated high school (sorry Mom, now the Internets know your age) and was living in Santa Rosa, California with her parents, and planning for what she called "the trip of a lifetime."

One of her good friends Wynn was living with her family in Germany while her dad was stationed at the U.S. army base in Stuttgart and invited my mom to join her and her two sisters, Maca and Dawn, on a road trip through Europe.

The girls piled into a VW bug and left, driving down through Germany, Switzerland, Italy and crossing over into Monaco. They then drove along the Mediterranean through the south of France, Spain and up to Paris. The two month trip was captured by my mom on her Kodak 110 camera accompanied by her daily entries in a brown journal.

"I've always wanted to Europe and now my dream has come true; and I'm only 18," she wrote in the first entry in her journal.

Reading back through my mom's entries and looking at her pictures, securely tucked into a leather-bound album, is one of my favorite things to do. 

my mom is the one on the far right

posing with their VW bug in front of a chateau

In Germany
my (adorable) mother eating gelato in Italy
Isn't her plaid shirt cute? 
I wish she had kept it. I know I would wear it.

Do you ever look through photos of your parents or grandparents when they were young?


  1. Every time we have a family reunion everybody brings hundreds of old black and white photos. I love looking through them and seeing what everyone, especially my 95 year old Auntie looked like when they were younger. The clothing and hair is always fabulous.

  2. Oh my goodness, how exciting that she has her journal and pictures from that trip... she must treasure those!

  3. your mom is too cute!! looks like she DID have the trip of her life. :)

  4. Those photos are so amazing! I absolutely love the VW picture...so classy!

  5. you are absolutely a girl after my own heart. i spend hours upon hours looking through my parents old stuff... i even have relics that belonged going as far back as my great great grandparents! i want to start showing some of it on my blog.... you'd prob love it.

    that shirt is adorb. i find myself often saving my own stuff for my future daughter.. becoming quite an hoarding issue, though.


  6. awww i love hearing about the magic and wonder of an amazing trip. i went to paris for the first time last year and it was truly amazing, but it sounds like your mom had an amazing adventure.

  7. Oh my jeeze, these are the best!! Too cute pics :)

  8. Oh my goodness, I love this post. :) Also, love the new blog header!

  9. Two things.
    1. Your handwriting and your mother's handwriting look almost identical.
    2. That last picture of your mother totally looks like YOU... or, I guess I should say, You totally look like your mother in that last photo.

  10. So fun that you have your mom's journal. I have a few of my mom's from when she was in college and early adulthood.
    And my dad had the same color VW :) Thanks for sharing these fun photos!

  11. These pictures are awesome. I love looking at pictures of my parents when they were my age. It kinda freaks me out to think that my kids will be doing the same thing 25 years from now. EEK!


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