day of rest [#5] conversation

You know that phrase..."no (wo)man is an island?"

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Turns out it's true.

We were made for friendship, for companionship. And while people mess up and can hurt you-- it's worth it to have someone, or several people, who will walk alongside you in life.

Many times people ask each other "How are you doing?" Have you noticed it's almost a greeting now, replacing hi or hello-- from a barista, the checker-- not even a question anymore.

Even if you do answer, your standard "good" or "fine" isn't real, is it?

How often do you ask someone how they are doing and really wait for a true response?

And the flip side is, how often do you really answer truthfully when someone asks you how you are?

I am blessed with friends that listen and ask. Some are far away and a few are close by. And in all the insanity of life, I know and believe it's so important to stop and have a good, honest conversation.

Skype or phone call...something other than a text message, email or tweet.

Make time to talk this week.

(even if it is through a tin can)


p.s. I wrote a post about my favorite city (no guesses what that is!) over at just lovely things.
and then buy your plane ticket to visit. :)

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  1. I tell ya what, it always throws me for a loop as a server when I walk up to a table, ask how they're doing and get a response that isn't, "Fine." I always wish I had more time to actually sit down and talk.


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