what i love wednesday [#6]

As I'm saving up for a "nice" camera I've been checking out all the photo accessories and camera love out there.

via lollipops
oh & Krystina is offering FREE SHIPPING until Thursday.
This little baby may have to come home with me
Vintage CAMERA bag! eee! from GallivantingGirls
Love the chestnut color
How about a vintage camera to go in that camera bag?
Shoot, why not?
Via lakesidecottage
and while we're on the vintage camera kick, I'll take this adorable print as well
Via MarianneLoMonaco
and a ruffled dSLR strap from the Marine Parents shop
mustard yellow? Of course.

What do you love this week? and do you have a nice camera? How do I convince the husband how important it is.

I'm linking up!



  1. Love these. That camera strap cover is gorgeous. Tell him that you just NEED it and that it'll make a huge difference in the quality of your pics. My husband now understands. Thankfully. ;)

  2. Oooow, I'm lovin' all the vintage camera stuff too.:)

  3. Love them ALL. A good camera is a must!

  4. i have most basic DSLR & love it; it's perfect for my stage in photog life and has just enough control in Manual Mode. ::sigh:: i love taking pictures so this post was right up my alley.

  5. mmm yummy! love that vintage bag!!

  6. I have a ruffled camera strap and I LOVE it! great stuff ;)


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