scarves up!

How do you hide dirty hair?
I was inspired by Busy Bee Lauren to use a vintage scarf as a headband.

And you may not be able to tell, but these photos were taken with the new camera. It came in the mail and the husband and I are still getting used to it. We spent most of last night playing around with it.

Nesby was the subject of most of our shots. :)

he's not always a fan of holding still. 

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  1. The only time I let myself have dirty hair is if I'm hanging out at home all day - my hair gets greasy SO fast and it just makes me feel icky. Even dry shampoo doesn't seem to help!

  2. The headband is adorable. Anything with a vintage scarf it so cute!

  3. Hehe! I know how hard it is to wrangle in a puppy who'd rather be playing than modeling. LOL.

  4. you are so adorbs! & so glad your new toy came in the mail!!


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