pretending I'm in Spain

 cardi: Target(+ vintage buttons)     tee: Urban Outfitters      scarf: Spain     belt: vintage   
skirt: Old Navy clearance   tights: no idea    boots: Nordstroms

There are dead winter branches behind me and it hasn't been too warm, but with this red silk scarf I'm pretending I'm in Spain taking in the culture and sunshine. Picture me at a cafe with cobblestones beneath my feet-- rather than in a backyard with a soggy lawn.

When my dad was in Seville, Spain a few months ago he bought this silk scarf for me. I love the bright cherry red color and the soft feel of it. I don't have anything else that's 100% silk.

I was nervous about pairing it with an emerald green cardigan but against neutrals it pops rather nicely and doesn't feel too Christmas-y. Or at least I didn't think so.

Do you ever mix colors-- like green and red or even red and pink? I'm trying to do it a little more often. Imagining myself in fashion-focused Spain helps. :)

xo, erika
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the thrift list

the thrift list
While I'm sure I could find these things at any mall, I'm also sure I could find them at my local Goodwill. I've seen both denim/chambray shirts and bright pencil skirts and silk blouses were huge in the early 1990s-- whatever top I find I'll just take out the shoulder pads. :)

Do you thrift shop? What's on your list?

xo, erika

holiday cheer & color

my Christmas decor inspiration this year...


how are you decorating this year? Going traditional or trying something new?

xo, erika

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don't read this while you're hungry

A beautiful tablescape.

Delicious food.

Laughing family and friends.

I could go for Thanksgiving once a month.


december sponsorship

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so much to be thankful

Yesterday it poured.

And water seeped into our crawl space so the husband and I spent a good part of our evening hooking up the sump pump to pump the water out into the yard. It was dark and wet.

I headed upstairs to start making pumpkin pie and the dishwasher disposal had stopped working. As I attempted to do dishes, water filled the sink. And I was filled with despair.

As the husband unclogged the sink we both begin to complain about the pains of owning a home. Until the husband stopped.

"This is ridiculous," he said. "We have so much to be thankful for, so many blessings and we're complaining about a clogged disposal in a house we own."

It was a startling moment when we both realized how petty our concerns were in the grand scheme of things. We are both beyond blessed to have a roof over our head, food in our fridge and a loving family to share Thanksgiving with. Every day when I go downtown to work at the job that pays my bills, I am reminded of how many do not have even the basics.

This is not to say that dealing with a flooded crawlspace is not a pain, it's just a change of perspective of the many good things in my life that I am so grateful for.

And my prayer is that I am not just thankful today on the official holiday, but am reminded to be thankful all year round.

happy thanksgiving.

xo, erika


rouge & whimsy holiday shopping guide

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quite a good group! now off to shop! :)


DIY sweater legwarmers and a giveaway winner

I'm guest posting over on lollipops for Krystina's pretty clever link-up. 
You should go check it out-- turns out legwarmers are one of the best things to make.

also, drumroll please, but if you're KEL of News from Fern Street-- you just won all the goodies from Friday's giveaway! Luckeeee.

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a rouge & whimsy holiday

Discounts start at 12 a.m. Pacific on Friday November 25 through Monday November 28.

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