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It's no secret that I love fashion. And I am so excited to have one of my dear sponsors Jaclyn of the  Etsy shops Jac & Elsie and The Bride Wore Pearls here talking about "breaking the rules" of fashion. Basically, there are no rules anymore. :) Take it away Jaclyn...

I love fashion magazines. I love the photos, the makeup, the ridiculous clothing that makes a woman look to be a piece of art meant for a museum. I love the outlandish, the escapism, the pretty.

That’s what fashion is supposed to be about, no? It’s supposed to make us feel pretty, like a work of art. I’m not saying we should be defined by our clothing. My newspaper degree and my features writing job and my Etsy shop and my love of Stephen King and Donald Duck define me -- not this over-sized sweater and skinny cords and heels I’m rocking.

That, to me, is the key to fashion. Don’t wear your clothes -- rock your clothes. Too often, I hear friends say “I love hats, but I can’t pull them off,” or “I love pixie cuts, but I can’t pull one off.” “I love skinny jeans, but I can’t pull them off.”

Boo. Yes you can. “Pulling them off” is nothing more than “wearing with confidence.” Similarly, breaking “fashion rules” is nothing more than knowing what to pair together. And it’s not that hard.

Fiction: Mama always said, “You don’t wear white after Labor day.” I hate to be contrary but: Yes, I do.

Fact: There are plenty of ways to wear white year-round. The easiest way to break this rule is with a white sweater. As I write this, I’m wearing white in the middle of November. It’s a very long knit sweater with a big black bow on the front, courtesy of H&M. This is not summer wear. With white, it’s all about fabric, cut and texture. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, forget a white sweater; grab that white sun dress waiting to see the light of May. Pair it with a pair of brightly colored leggings, calf-length boots and an unbuttoned boyfriend cardi.

* * *

Fiction: Black and brown don’t “go” together.

Fact: Truly, all you need to see is this:

Fiction: “But I can’t mix silver and gold jewelry!”

Fact: Of course you can! Silver and gold, by definition, are neutrals. If you still insist they won’t work together, there are some easy ways to ease into this one. First off, stick with similar shapes. On a recent trip to Arizona, I bought the most incredible Native American sterling silver earrings with bits of coral, onyx, turquoise and carnelian. My favorite necklace pairing with the earrings so far is an uber long gold-toned necklace. Part of the reason the pieces look so awesome together is that the drops on the necklace mimic the shape of the earrings. The two look as though they’re supposed to go together.

Another easy way to pair silver and gold? Stick with similar shininess. Pair a super shiny gold necklace with a super shiny pair of silver earrings; rock a gun-metal gray cuff bracelet with some antiquated gold-toned dangle earrings. No one will notice that they don’t “match” because they’ll “go” together so brilliantly.

With any of these rule-breaker rules, the No. 1 tip is simply to be confident in your style. Whether you’re a Zooey Deschanel, a Diane Keaton or a Beyoncé, wear your bows, menswear or sequins as much as you like -- so long as your shoulders are back and your head is held high.

And you’ll pull anything off.

No truer words were spoken, er, written. Thanks Jacyln for encouraging all of us to be confident in who we are no matter what we wear. Here's to breaking fashion rules!

Love what you read from Jacyln? Check out her blog Snap Crackle Pop as well. :)


  1. Black and brown are my favorite!

    LOVE this post!!!

  2. Heck yes!! I love "breaking" the rules!!! :)

  3. I love black and brown together! The only neutral color combo I avoid is black and navy. I wear black and blue all the time, but navy that's so dark it ALMOST looks black is a bit too close for me.

    Oh, and I try to avoid white and off-white/cream.

    I have a delicate necklace that is a small gold heart (with my initial stamped in it) with a silver chain. It's a great piece to wear if you're already wearing silver and gold because it ties the two together. I got it (for myself and for my bridesmaids!) on Etsy here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/86302034/tiny-initial-heart-necklace-gold-filled


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