you're invited to the party...

You are officially invited to my blog Christmas party.

I'm actually really excited about this and I've been incubating ideas for quite awhile.

In order for this shingdig to really rock, I'd love to get some contributions for you.

I have a few spots open in the holiday gift guide which will run the week of Thanksgiving (before Black Friday/Cyber Monday) and will include giveaways and discount codes.

But I would love some guest posts-- one or two holiday recipes, and a few DIY stuffs and winter fashion. I'd also love a few gift guides for men, women, teens and kids/babies too!

Are you interested? please shoot me an email at rougeandwhimsy [at] gmail [dot] com and we can have a lovely chat.

can't wait to hear from you!

xo, erika

p.s. I know, I know-- too early too talk about Christmas, but this was just for planning sake. I don't believe in holiday stuffs until after Thanksgiving, thank you very much. :)


  1. I LOVE this idea! I am in :) I will be emailing you :)

  2. I'm in! I am emailing you tonight.
    I have a really good holiday recipe I want to share....and I want to offer a sweet discount code.
    I am just so excited. You rock.

  3. What a fun idea, I can't wait for all the fun Christmas stuff to start!

  4. if you need any spots, lemme know! i might could help a seesta in need out ;)

  5. me too - if you want a lil' somethin' from my neck of the woods ;)

  6. How exciting!!! If you have room I would love to join in and giveaway a pack of my cards!! :)


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