scarf swap & other good things in life

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Well guys it's official. It's dark when I leave to go to work and dark when I get home. So any outfit post now must be taken in my kitchen. Hope you all don't mind.

I am lucky because I'm wearing a gorgeous floral scarf that I received in the Why Girls Are Weird blog scarf swap from Coffee at Nordstrom blogger Crystal.  (p.s. Crystal I totally thought you lived in Seattle because coffee + nordstrom is such a Seattle thing!)

my good things in life this week:

- my week flew by! I love that. Last week was like the l o n g e s t week ever but this week Thursday felt like Tuesday, which is one of my favorite feelings.

- planning to squeeze in a trip to Disneyland with my cousin during a business trip next week! (also-- business trip-- my first one-- a little scared. any tips for me? I have to wear-GASP- business casual.)

-  my dog in a costume. look closely-- he's helping me blog while dressed as a dinosaur. (win?)

- laughing at dinner just now. my stomach hurts from sharing stories of married life with two other couples.

- free lunch at work. Turns out I'm still like a starving college student and free lunch makes me really excited.

Also, I am feeling SO blessed by the blog community lately. I feel like I read some blog posts from people and the words are exactly what I need to hear at that moment. I am inspired by the beauty of what people share and have been challenged to share a little bit more of what goes on in my life as well.

Blog posts I loved this week:

>> her [take heart blog]

>> my writing style [lee la la]

>> blogging from the heart [dot in the city]

what did you guys like this week? what kept you going? was it photos of dogs in costumes?
xo, erika


  1. What a beautiful scarf! I'm so glad that your week has flown by! That is a good thing! Have fun in Disney!

  2. Ah I love that scarf!! You look so cute, you cn take pictures anywhere and I wont mind!! ;)

  3. Love that scarf!
    I wish it was a dog in a costume that kept me going (I think it was sugary treats + coffee)...and by a dog I mean Milton of course! I'm totally going to be on the lookout for one to convert from a thrift store. I was just telling my husband about ti last night!
    Love the posts you highlighted :) thank you for mentioning me!

  4. I HATE the time change :( SO depressing, right? CUTE scarf! :)

  5. you're going to Disneyland?!? That's only an hour away from me.... maybe i can see you!

  6. That scarf is SO pretty, Crystal did an awesome job!

  7. I love that scarf + that sweater vest thing!! Your pup is so adorable! I love that he helps you blog. :) I hope you have a terrific weekend!!

  8. fun swap! looove the scarf you received - and such cute boots, too. happy weekend!

  9. I love the print of that scarf! Such a great swap!

  10. cute scarf - and your pup is adorable and so, so helpful!

  11. Great outfit post! I live in South Florida and am jealous of the rest of the US being able to wear their scarfs & boots cause its still hot here but I guess it just gets me more excited for a cold front :D I love your blog :D



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