how to: rock red lipstick

Although I have tips to wear red lipstick, honestly it's not about how you put it on, what exact steps you take to apply it. With this and every style, it's about confidence.

When you believe you are beautiful in whatever you wear (on your lips or your body),  you are beautiful. It's that simple.

Lately I've loved red lipstick because of its bold statement. (that and I don't get carded.)

I never thought that as a redhead, I could wear red lipstick but it's more about the right shade of red.
if you want to try out red lipstick, go to a department store or any other store that allows returns of lipstick and has sample lipsticks out.

try some colors on your hand to see the color against your skin. use q-tips to swipe some off the tube to try on your lips. I found out quickly that I look better in more rusty, brick-red tones -- nothing that was too purple or pink.

Once you have your shade, go home and play around with it. Wear it to the grocery store or for little outings until you get comfortable... go ahead, I dare you. ;)

My rule for wearing red lipstick? Let your lips do the talking and keep the rest of the makeup simple.

Put on nude eyeshadow and mascara. (A little eyeliner is great too)

Add some sheer blush so you don't look too washed out:

And my trick is to put concealer around your lips. Red lipstick tends to bleed pretty badly and I'm not a big fan of lipliner. By blending concealer around your lips you're ensuring that the lipstick stays on your lips, rather than your face. :)

Makeup artists will tell you to apply lipstick with an angled brush, but I do it straight from the tube. (I know, crazy, right?)

Stand back. Admire your work. You look good.

xo, erika

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  1. Awesome possum! Red lips are so pretty! :)

  2. Good tips, I may have to try out some red lipstick soon!! ;)

  3. LOVE that shade. I so wish I could rock some candy apple red lipstick, but it looks baaaad on olive skin. I have to gear more toward browns and purples.

  4. I'm really weird about red lipstick. My lips are so big I worry I'll look ridiculous!

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