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I asked them what they wanted to be when they grow up...

 rags to stitches: blog // shop  // facebook

 sew beastly: blog // shop // facebook

 Kim and Jane Handmade: blog // shop // twitter

i am along for the ride: blog // shop // twitter

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what i wore in california (+ photos)

tee: gap (similar) // necklace: h&m // shorts: target // sandals: target (same style, different color)

When I told people I was going to California, they usually responded with a "hey- enjoy the beach!" or "whoa-- enjoy the city!"

What most people don't realize is that California is a HUGE state and most of it is not city or by the ocean. A lot of it is farmland.

And that's where a lot of my extended family is -- dotted in smaller towns, towns you may not know, in places quite far from L.A., San Francisco and any beach.

But that doesn't mean that it's any less fun to get away for a little bit.

My grandma's house is especially fun. Besides being full of memories of running around with my cousins, it hasn't changed really at all since my grandparents bought it in the 1960s. Same stove, couch, wallpaper... everything.

My grandma is 94 and I loved seeing her with my cousins' children -- her great-grandchildren. There's something amazing about seeing generations together like that.

 92 years of difference doesn't really mean anything.

We also went over to wander nearby lavender farms, which was gorgeous but even better seen through toddler eyes. 

I also got sunburned, so you know the weekend was worth it. 

xo, erika

p.s. don't worry-- it wasn't on purpose. I'm definitely pro-sunscreen.


your mom style linkup

mom stye

<a href="http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Frougeandwhimsy.blogspot.com%2F2012%2F05%2Fyour-mom-style-linkup.html&h=EAQHK3PTN" target="_self"><img src="http://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-4Rdz6o9XdQ8/T7lu3znhKnI/AAAAAAAAFhU/U4f4OnE6kp4/s175/yourmombutton.jpg" alt="mom stye" width="175" height="175" /></a>

 What goes around comes around.

Nothing is new-- and this is so clearly demonstrated in this style link up. I was looking through photos of my mom in the late 1970s and I realized that without any effort, I could practically create an exact outfit of her... with just a slight variation on my typical hair style.

my mom:
my mom is on the far right in the green stripes. (she's in a European hostel.)

and me:

I get the "you look like your mom" thing a lot.

A lot, a lot.

In high school I didn't like it, just because I was a typical teenager but today, I look at her and I do see our similarities, especially when I compare photos of me with photos of her in the late 70s and early 80s.

Especially when I recreate her 70s hair style.

What do you think? Do we look alike?

Don't forget-- this is a linkup! I'm so excited to see your posts about your mom's style! Any interpretation is welcome-- come back and link your post here or on Just Lovely Things and it will show up in both places!

say hi to abbey

Blouse, pants, belt: LOFT. Hat: Target. Shades: Anthropologie.

Hello, Rouge & Whimsy friends! I am Abbey from Along Abbey Road, a personal style and lifestyle blog mixed with bits of ridiculousness. So happy to be here today! Erika is just the cutest and that hair. Oh how I envy that gorgeous hair!

A little about me...

I've been married for 3 years to my awesome husband, Matt. We have a studly 4 month old, Luke. We are obsessed with Disneyland. I eat Oreos like nobody's business. Matt does exceptional made up Broadway performances. Luke's full-time job is giggling and squawking. One might say it's quite the circus over here.

Be sure to stop by Along Abbey Road for more silly anecdotes and fun moments!

Okay Abbey *blush* thanks for the compliment but girl, you  have great hair!

 To see more of Abbey and to see what I wore on her blog.. (it's funny, we both chose leopard)... head on over here.

xo, erika


saturday discount

oh hi there.

I know you need a new tote or wristlet for summer... can I suggest a pretty cute shop on etsy? ;)

let me sweeten the deal a bit, too.

MEMORIAL gets you 20% off until Monday! woot :)

xo, erika


friday finds + favorites: first link-up

I'm so excited to have you join me & link up this week! Each week, join me to share your favorite things online & off.

what I'm loving: 

this colorful dress from nordstrom 

i love window seats. via design sponge

painted stripes on a tee via cotton & curls (someday when I have time...)

other things:
- this story about amazing trader joes employees
- having friday off + flying to see family 
- we are taking care of my parents' corgi bridget right now and honestly the only thing funnier than one corgi is two corgis. 
- lack of sleep but a remarkable energy of tons of sleep. not sure why, just gonna go with it.

share your favorites finds & favorites!
please link to your post & please link back here either with the button or with a text link. thanks :)

xo, erika 


my thrifting lucky charm

 top: Anthropologie similar // belt: thrifted // skirt: thrifted similar // shoes: Steve Madden similar

As I explained previously, I grew up thrifting and hitting vintage and second-hand stores is in my blood passed down from generation to generation my mom.

The husband on the other hand isn't too much of a thrifter. Not really because he's against it (although he does rant against the amount of hipsters in Seattle every so often), but it's shopping. And it's his least favorite: shopping that doesn't always have a clear purpose.

When you thrift you have to comb the store, aisle to aisle, shelf to shelf and you have to go back repeatedly. Thrifting isn't the in-and-out, quick-and-dirty kind of shopping excursion that the husband likes, which is why when he agreed to go with me last Friday after our little happy hour date, I was surprised and thrilled.

But, I mean, how could he not go when the bar was across the street from Goodwill.

Destiny, I tell you.

Destiny and fate because I found this perfect little chiffon polka dotted skirt. There was a tiny rip at the waist band-- easy fix-- and it was only $4. Score. (I also found a mint trench coat for $12. That baby will debut another day.)

Perhaps the husband is my lucky charm for thrifting.

And that means he should go more often with me. What do you think? ;)

xo, erika

p.s. don't forget about the first every friday finds + favorites link-up tomorrow! come share whatcha like on the internet and in real life!

p.p.s I'm also linking up here-->



 skirt: Nordstrom similar // tank: TJ Maxx // cardigan: Old Navy similar // necklace: gift // wedges: Blowfish

recently I've decided...

- I cannot get enough country music. Jason Aldean, you can sing to me about country roads any time. And yes, I know I'm from Seattle

- peanut butter has never tasted so good. On bananas, mixed with siriacha, on grahams... nom.

- neon is a good thing. I'm tired of neutral.

- everything is better through a straw

- Friday and this weekend can not come fast enough. I'm heading to see my (extended) family in California and even the plane ride sounds relaxing

- maxi skirts are (nearly) as good as pajama pants. I may need another one.

xo, erika

your mom (style): a linkup party!

It's a funny thing, twitter. I remember when I first started tweeting (a little over three years ago) as a requirement for a class in college. We had to tweet and then write an explanation for each tweet.

Today I don't really think about what I tweet, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on who you are.

The whole reason behind this story is that I was on twitter and became involved in a conversation about mom style. As in what moms wore in the late 70s, early 80s.

The conversation turned to paying homage to our mom's jumpsuits, shoulder pats and permed hair.

And, thus, a link-up idea was born, and you're officially invited to participate!

 my mom, circa 1978

Your interpretation can be broad -- a post where you share photos of your mom's rocking style, try to recreate your mom's look, or even write from her perspective. It's up to you! Then on next Tuesday, May 29, get ready to link your post up here or on Heather's blog {just lovely things}, and of course, go check out all the other mom styles others have posted.

Here's the button, if you want to join the party. (featuring Claire Huxtable from the Cosby Family-- reppin' some classic early 80's mom style.)

mom style
<a href="http://www.rougeandwhimsy.com" target="_self"><img src="http://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-4Rdz6o9XdQ8/T7lu3znhKnI/AAAAAAAAFhU/U4f4OnE6kp4/s175/yourmombutton.jpg" alt="mom stye" width="175" height="175" /></a>

Can't wait to see what you share next week!

xo, erika


sponsor love + giveaway: oh so antsy

 I am so excited to introduce you to another lady who graces my sidebar. Say hello to jewelry designer and blogger Jessica of Oh So Antsy.

Time for q & a time... read through to the end, there's a good treat at the bottom :)

As an antsy, fast-talking and impatient person, I feel like I resonate with the name "oh so antsy." Why did you pick it?
You pretty much pegged my reasons for choosing the name OhSoAntsy. When I was thinking of a name that was memorable but also was a reflection of me this name popped into my head. I can be very antsy and impatient at times and I am a very fast-talker, haha. I always have to be doing something and my hands are rarely at rest. Even when I sit down to relax you can find me knitting, or filing my nails, making a list, sorting papers, the list goes on. That being said OhSoAntsy fits quite well.
You hammer and create the metal state shapes yourself.... when did you learn how to do this? And how long does it take? I know nothing about metal working, so I think this is all pretty fascinating. 
About 2 years ago I look a silver jewelry basics class to learn how to make simple jewelry for myself. At the time I had no clue I would soon be using that knowledge to begin my online business. Isn't it great to discover where our choices lead us? Everything I made it class was hammered because I just loved the look and texture of it so much. When I began creating pieces to sell I continued the habit of giving everything a hammered finish. The actual hammering doesn't take too long, perhaps less than 5 minutes for each piece. What takes a bit longer is that I typically do my hammering outside since I live in a quadruplex and I like to be respectful. 
 Outside of creating lovely jewelry and blogging, what does your life look like?
I work full time as an administrative assistant at a University. I ride my bike to work most days since I live 2 miles away. I like to play trivia occasionally despite my lack of oddball knowledge. I like to be outside-camping, hiking, exploring. I like to take pictures of lots of things-mainly people. I love to knit. I sew on occasion. I really like craft beer and am part of a homebrewers club. I am on a constant search for the best fries. I love cooking and shopping at the farmer's market. But as much as I love going out and trying new things I am equally happy to spend a quite night inside with one of my many crafts watching a movie. 
What did 5 year old you want to be when you grew up? 
When I was 5 I would say I wanted to be a camp director. My started started a summer camp when I was born for inner city kids to be able to experience nature for perhaps the first time in their lives. Even at a young age I found so much wonder in the experiences had by me and everyone involved. It was so cool to see the transformations the experience of summer camp had on the kids lives. The impact it had on my life was truly priceless and I always felt like suck a lucky kid. I've always been a daddy's girl so of course I wanted to be just like my dad. Camp Director.
And, of course, now what do you think you want to be when you grow up? 
Still following in the steps of my father, and turns out also my mother, I want to be run my own business. There has always been this sense of independence in our family and I've just always thought why should I work for someone else when I could work for myself? I just never really knew how I could get that to happen. When I opened my shop I still wasn't sure. One year after that opening I finally had a moment of, "this could be it". I've got some big changes coming up and I hope along with that I am able to take my business to the next level and turn it into my day job. And who knows maybe I can still be a camp director one of these days. 
Thanks for sharing Jessica!
She has graciously offered one of her sterling silver state or country necklaces for one of you guys... and you know the drill on how to win it!
connect with jessica: shop // blog // twitter // facebook
happy monday :)
xo, erika


friday finds + # 4

to be completely honest I don't know what number friday finds is ... but four sounded like a good number.

 is this not magical?

 need this.

i have never wanted a watch so bad. or even ever wanted a watch, for that matter.

one of the most beautiful posts I've read in a long time. 

love this-- what your netflix says about you. (of course mine says I have a split personality because I share an account with my two brothers, my husband and my parents...)

real life stuff i love: making exercise more of a priority. my rhubarb liqueur is actually good. bridal shower this weekend. memorial day next weekend. sunshine!!

xo, erika

p.s. quick question. what if this was a link-up? would you guys come hang out and link up your blogs? (to be honest, I have this fear that if I offer it no one will come -- kind of like a party you throw but no one shows.)  I can't promise food or drink, but I can provide fun! :)

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