saturday brunch style

Do you ever see an absolutely adorable place-- somewhere you MUST visit?

That's what happened with this brunch place. I was at a pizza place and across the street, a red and gray cafe called my name. When I ran to press my nose against the glass, I could not get over the adorable features (subway tile! wood rafters!), so I told the husband that we were going to brunch that weekend. No ifs, ands or buts.

And I was going to wear a brunch-worthy dress.

good friends

waiting for a table is always better with good coffee
 i'm a sucker for water in cute bottles
baked eggs. delicious

 If you live in the Seattle area, or ever visit Seattle, I highly recommend The Fat Hen for breakfast, brunch, or whenever.

xo, erika

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  1. Um...looks wonderful!!!

    And your outfit is super cute!

  2. Charming breakfast restaurants are my absolute favorite! You look totally adorable, and I'm glad you had a fun brunch.


  3. sounds wonderful! and I love your outfit!

  4. oh my! that place looks amazing!
    love me a good brunch place.

    happy wednesday!

  5. great photos...and your outfit is totally brunch worthy :) love it all! and want to go to seattle more than ever!

  6. That place looks awesome. And I love the name =-)

  7. I am also a sucker for the aesthetics of a cute brunch place; gets me every time! Not complaining though.
    Also, you two are SO cute together!

  8. That place looks sooo good! And who could resist a good cup of coffee?? I can't wait til I move to Seattle a the end of summer :)

  9. Brunch is my fave! This place looks adorable and the food delicious. Love your outfit!

  10. Adorable outfit and those eggs look amazing.

    We have a real dearth of fab brunch areas in our neck of the woods.

  11. that place looks incredible!!

  12. That is such a cute outfit, and I also love the way you did your hair!

  13. We have a new place opening up here called The Black Bear Diner. SO excited! It's so close and I checked their online menu and they have everything - including vegetarian/vegan friendly meals! Booyah!


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