friday finds & favorites #4

hey party people!

it's Friiiiiiiday which means that my weekend is coming up and I get to share some of my favorite things on the internet and in real life.

first off-- I am excited for this mini-project-- for people to share their dreams and for us to encourage them. please continue to email me, I'll post them next Thursday.

 this card by wit and wistle. how are high-waisted jeans cute but "mom jeans" are sooo not?

 i really want to make this strawberry basil jam... and jam in general.

- this skirt tutorial. the whole blog is FULL of great diys. if only I had more time...

more links:
- this blog filled with SO many photoshop tips. I'm obsessed. hat tip to Gina who linked it on her blog

this house for sale has a caboose guest house (photo 14-16)! if you live in Atlanta, please buy it!

this post about sometimes giving up the good.

this post about a Tim Gunn hosted fashion show (my dream) and some "what-not-to-wear" fashion tips -- like when you belt a dress, do it at your natural waist, not right under your you-know-whats.

good things in real life:

- a real life mariachi band at the day job for our cinco de mayo party.
- new fabric for new rouge & whimsy wristlets
- lovely things in the mail from a dear friend
- my Bible study who embrace being real & honest about life
- baby ducks in my neighborhood- eee!
- making working out a regular thing
- eating fresh strawberries
- drinking red wine + watching the help with the husband

did you find anything good on the web (or off the web) this week? (It could even be on your own blog.) Share it in the comments below! :)

xo, erika


  1. LOVE that house. gorgeous design..and the little caboose house!? awesome. and the Uber Chic blog you posted is great!

  2. I still want that house. It's serious perfection.

  3. I still want that house. It's serious perfection.

  4. Thank you for linking to Zillow! That made my day :) it's amazing!
    I'm loving that post by Hayley too and have been chewing on it this week.

  5. OMGeee!! That scalloped skirt is AMAZING!!!

  6. That skirt is so cute- I def need to learn to sew!

    And yes to fresh strawberries!!

  7. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. I love that scalloped hem tutorial. I pinned it along with a few others from that blog. Hope you have a nice weekend! :)

  9. Umm that house is a-mazing!!!! I would buy it I had the cash...it is actually right down the road from my church. Now that would be nice!!!

    Happy weekend!!

  10. Love that card. Too funny.



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