my thrifting lucky charm

 top: Anthropologie similar // belt: thrifted // skirt: thrifted similar // shoes: Steve Madden similar

As I explained previously, I grew up thrifting and hitting vintage and second-hand stores is in my blood passed down from generation to generation my mom.

The husband on the other hand isn't too much of a thrifter. Not really because he's against it (although he does rant against the amount of hipsters in Seattle every so often), but it's shopping. And it's his least favorite: shopping that doesn't always have a clear purpose.

When you thrift you have to comb the store, aisle to aisle, shelf to shelf and you have to go back repeatedly. Thrifting isn't the in-and-out, quick-and-dirty kind of shopping excursion that the husband likes, which is why when he agreed to go with me last Friday after our little happy hour date, I was surprised and thrilled.

But, I mean, how could he not go when the bar was across the street from Goodwill.

Destiny, I tell you.

Destiny and fate because I found this perfect little chiffon polka dotted skirt. There was a tiny rip at the waist band-- easy fix-- and it was only $4. Score. (I also found a mint trench coat for $12. That baby will debut another day.)

Perhaps the husband is my lucky charm for thrifting.

And that means he should go more often with me. What do you think? ;)

xo, erika

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  1. cute skirt! and I think he's surely you're lucky charm ;)

  2. Definitely lucky charm status.

  3. What a fantastic find!! I love that top too!! I think I need more red in my wardrobe!! Yippie for lucky charms!! :)

  4. That skirt is SO CUTE. It's like a pretty little ballerina skirt. :D Also, mint trench-coat?! I LOVE TRENCH COATS, I LOVE MINT, PICTURES MISS PICTURES!!!

    Jen and I do go thrifting together, however we both can get a little annoyed with how many people are in the store from time-to-time. It's like MOVE, let us THROUGH, haha.

    We find some great stuff, though!

    I'd say, get your husband involved - have him pick something he would like to see on you, than go have a beer or something! Fun fun.

  5. LOVE thrifting. my husband IS a thrifter but he does it with a purpose. "i need work pants, ill check the thrift store first" and he often scores some pretty great finds. i on the other hand, frequent thrift stores with no real need or purpose at all and even if there's a need, it's often forgotten.

    i think you should tell your husband you need him as your charm bc otherwise you can't save money by thrifting. haha!

  6. you look great hun!!
    that outfit is killer on you!!


  7. you look great hun!!
    that outfit is killer on you!!


  8. I think the reason I don't really go thrifting is because I'm one of those shoppers that generally have a clear idea of what I'm shopping for and thrifting doesn't lend itself to clear ideas. I wish I could be more like you so I could find cute stuff like that!

  9. What a cute outfit! That looks great on you. I can somewhat sympathize with the hubby against shopping thing! He's willing to go in with me, but whereas I can literally take HOURS, he's done in about 10 minutes. Just long enough to look for cast iron and man stuff and he's OUT. Luckily, he's always sweet about how long I take, and is happy to wait in the car and play games on his phone while I finish up ;)


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