arrow necklace: Yellow Heart Art // tee: Gap // belt: thrifted // skirt: Old Navy // boots: Nordstrom

Some days I get up after snoozing my alarm for half an hour.

Some days I forgo showering or even brushing my hair and just twist it all up in some sort of bun.

Some days my eyes won't accept contacts so I have to wear glasses.

Some days I put my makeup up on the bus, doing my best to keep from stabbing the mascara wand in my eye each time the bus slams to a stop as it picks up more people.

Some days a little red lipstick and one of my favorite necklaces from Yellow Heart Art makes up for the fact I know the day job will feel way too long.

Some days those days are most days.


p.s. if you're on the fence at all about buying a wood necklace from Yellow Heart Art, let me just say that it is one of my all-time favorite pieces. I cannot get enough of unique, handmade items -- and this necklace fits that bill in every way.

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  1. That outfit, those glasses, that necklace - you! All so awesome. I absolutely ADORE glasses. You look amazing in them!

    And that outfit is perfect!!!

  2. you look adorable and you're lucky because you look great with glasses and a bun. : )

  3. love that outfit...simple + classy. those wooden necklaces are at the top of my handmade wishlist for sure!

  4. Some days you still look adorable! =)

    Love your outfit and your glasses

  5. Sounds like you and I are having one of those days, eep!

  6. You look so cute Erika!!! I adore your hair + your lipstick!! And your necklace is so pretty!! PS I know how those "somedays" are too!! xo

  7. This kind of sounds like my every day :).

  8. That lipstick looks great on you. And what a lovely necklace!

  9. Haha my eyes rejected contacts one day this week and I had to go with glasses. You look so cute in glasses though!

    And I do my makeup in the car everyday... I'll say it's because I like the natural lighting ;)

    Great outfit, girl!!

  10. You are so adorable. :)) You can go shopping for me anytime.

    Yellow Heart Art... That girl is amazing. I love her work. :))

    Have a wonderful day!!

  11. Adorable as always - & you know you're not alone with the makeup thing ;)

  12. love the lip color! very cute outfit.


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