what i wore in california (+ photos)

tee: gap (similar) // necklace: h&m // shorts: target // sandals: target (same style, different color)

When I told people I was going to California, they usually responded with a "hey- enjoy the beach!" or "whoa-- enjoy the city!"

What most people don't realize is that California is a HUGE state and most of it is not city or by the ocean. A lot of it is farmland.

And that's where a lot of my extended family is -- dotted in smaller towns, towns you may not know, in places quite far from L.A., San Francisco and any beach.

But that doesn't mean that it's any less fun to get away for a little bit.

My grandma's house is especially fun. Besides being full of memories of running around with my cousins, it hasn't changed really at all since my grandparents bought it in the 1960s. Same stove, couch, wallpaper... everything.

My grandma is 94 and I loved seeing her with my cousins' children -- her great-grandchildren. There's something amazing about seeing generations together like that.

 92 years of difference doesn't really mean anything.

We also went over to wander nearby lavender farms, which was gorgeous but even better seen through toddler eyes. 

I also got sunburned, so you know the weekend was worth it. 

xo, erika

p.s. don't worry-- it wasn't on purpose. I'm definitely pro-sunscreen.


  1. We did notice a lot of sand and farm driving through California. Also, a lot of small towns too. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful place. You look super comfy and cute. Hope the trip was great.

  2. that's funny - my grandparents live in california (not by the beach) and people say the same thing when I go! love your necklace - so cute!

  3. I have family in Cali although mostly in San Diego. Still, I would love to be able to visit an area like where you were!

  4. boo!! I am sorry you got a sunburn, they are the worst!!
    I live about 20 minutes away from the beach and haven't been there in at least two years! I am not the biggest beach go-er. haha! :)
    You look so comfy in your outfit!! I love those shorts and that necklace is so bold + pretty!!!
    PS I love the decor in your grandparents house!!

  5. Next time you come back, let's meet up :)

  6. cute outfit! and those lavender fields looks gorgeous (and i bet they smelled lovely too!).

  7. I want your grandma's house! And cute shorts! I am contemplating shorts for this summer but I just don't know. I think the last time I wore shorts for real (not "workout shorts" even though I don't workout) was in the 90s....

  8. Oh my goodness - those picture were so sweet! 92 years difference and still so much fun. How adorable.

    Lovely necklace BTW - Its too bad when I was at H&M the other day I didn't see it. Ah well got 8 other pieces LOL - you can never have too many accessories.

    I would love to have you over at Little Miss Mama and see what I wore today with the $8 Peplum Top I just made {thanks to a HUGE Old Navy Sale}.

    Stop by and say "hi" when you get a chance.



  9. Cool - I am interested in California and might live there for grad school if I can afford it. It's great to know that there are small towns there too! I haven't lived in any big cities, and honestly, they intimidate me a bit.
    Looks like you had a fun time :)

  10. It is so funny to me that people think Cali is all ocean. I live in Cali too and haven't seen the ocean in years. I live in rocklin near Sacramento and lake Tahoe. We live in the city of trees. There are trees everywhere. No ocean. Haha. I love your grandma's house. It's so cute! Love your outfit too!

  11. looks like a ton of fun!
    and i just love those pictures of your grandma and your cousin's son. super cute.

  12. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It is all fabulous!

    I would be absolutely honored to have you link this up on my Casual Friday link up party starting today, it would be perfect!

    Allison http://twothirtyfivedesigns.blogspot.com/

  13. I live in California, too. There's no ocean where I am, but we live about two hours away from the amazing coast of Northern California. I LOVE your grandma's couch. Lovely!

  14. Hi there, I just stumbled across your blog and couldn't stop reading it! You are a very engaging writer. I absolutely adored this story; I grew up in a small town called Red Bluff in California- this brought me back. I am currently city-folk now, residing in Seattle. I too, write blogs (mostly home decor) for Purehome.com. Thanks for the inspiration! Keep them comin!

    Andie @Purehome.com


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