the fine print

welcome to boring but very necessary fine print!

about rouge + whimsy
rouge + whimsy is a personal blog. As such, the content and direction of my blog are up to the sole discretion of Erika, the author. The blog focuses on lifestyle, recipes, fashion and diy-centric posts but can dabble in other arenas, just because, it can.

comments + privacy
Your contact information-- whether shared through comments or elsewhere on the site will never be disclosed or shared with a third-party subscriber without your permission. Comments deemed rude, advertorial or generally abusive will be deleted without warning.

advertising + affiliate
Occasionally I receive items to review or share with my readers. These items will be disclosed with a "c/o" -- care-of -- disclosure note. I do not share or accept anything that I personally would not use. I do not recommend or share products that I myself do not like or from companies I do not respect.

Occasionally my links go through affiliate programs. I receive a very small amount of money if you purchase the item I link to, which helps run rouge + whimsy. Don't worry-- I'm not getting rich.

working with Erika
I write my own content and do not accept unsolicited guest posts. Giveaways or items or some sort of sponsorship collaboration are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Emails in regard to content outside the parameters of my blog will not be responded to. I do not respond to mass pitches or press releases.

Don't steal content or images. If you share something you found here, please be nice and give credit where credit is due. If I have not credited something accurately, please inform me so it may be remedied. You are not authorized to use this content for personal profit. Copying, reproduction, modification, republishing any original material from this blog is strictly prohibited.


policies change
These policies were written April 2014, but the subject matter can be altered or changed without warning.

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