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that one time I found my 16th-century doppelgänger at a thrift store

I took a break this week. It was decided last week. I finished up my Etsy shop orders and stuck it in vacation mode and I'm trying to get life in order -- maybe not fully in order --  but you, know, like, decently in order. 

To be honest I feel a little lost. I think it's that summertime sadness that Lana Del Ray croons about-- it's the end of summer, and fall is officially almost here, and I'm just not ready. Does anyone else feel that?

So I'm cheering myself up with a few of these awesome links.

- this business series from Ashley at The Shine Project, especially this post

- speaking of biz, a totally affordable small-biz class from Krystina (registration starts next Monday!) honestly, I've taken a few small biz/etsy-type courses in my day, and I always find them to be quite the kick-in-the-pants I need. 

- this kitchen remodel Danielle shared makes me feel all the subway-tile feels. 

- I have a lot of plums from my farm box ... and I think they should be made into this pie shared on Girl Versus Dough.

- This post about authenticity and fashion (and invitation to share your own story)

- I don't have kids, but I love what Carina shares about what to say to families that may be different from your own.

And let's end on a high note: This BBC story about a couple who have been married 80 years. Listen to their interview -- it's adorable how they keep teasing each other and giggling. 

happy friday.

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