I've never had anything but positive feedback on my little blog and for that I am grateful. Thank you. Some days it's a big deal for me to put myself out there-- silly outfits, funny tutorials -- and I get nervous wondering what others think.

But what I remember is that this little blog is first and foremost for me. I love to write, I love to share photos and find an excuse to share pretty photos and little crafts I've made. It's self-indulgent, yes, but a hobby I love. And I hope if you blog, or take photos or sew or cook or fly-fish or whatever, you do it because you love it -- without thinking of what others may think.

today I'm linking up with Chelsey of the Paper Mama for a self-portrait challenge and sharing some little things going on in my world.

Obsessing over…
Downton Abbey. Ohhh so good. I just finished the first season and am just starting the second!

Working on…
a super-top-secret project that may make it into the etsy shop-- or may just stay in my home for me. It involves pretty fabric and teaching myself something new. :)

Thinking about:
someone who is struggling, a dear friend I need to call, and a plan to somehow combine crafting + fundraising.

the weekend... as always (and creative estates)

Listening to…
Florence + the Machine (still) and the new Ingrid Michaelson album

nothing currently, but I did just eat plain yogurt topped with frozen blackberries and flax seed. nom.

I had more time for everything in my head and that I was a morning person and needed less sleep and that my pup was completely healed from surgery.

happy tuesday!

xo, erika

p.s. Notice the fancy specs? They're from Costco. And lately I've been trying to give my eyes a break from contacts and wear glasses. I'm not a huge fan of glasses because I hate the way they feel on my nose. I don't even like sunglasses for this reason. Contacts usually are a win for me.


cabin in the woods

This weekend was a girls' getaway in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by woods and deep snow. Little cell phone service, lots of wine and good food.

Sometimes you just gotta get away from it all.

how was your weekend?

xo, erika

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lovely inspiration: midnight in paris

I love France and who can deny the allure of Paris in the 1920s?

This movie was beautiful and perfect and made me want to save my pennies and dimes for another trip to the city of lights.
midnight in paris
 1. source  2.  source  3.  source  4. source  5. source


i pulled an erika

If you know me personally you know that I occasionally get scatterbrained.

If you know me I say "what's his face" or "whatchamacallit" all the time not because in the moment I can rarely remember names, dates, or significant things from movies.

If you know me, you wouldn't be surprised by the fact that I bought airplane tickets to Creative Estates meaning to land at 11 a.m. and realized an hour later when chatting with Leonora from Yellow Heart Art that the tickets were for an 11 p.m. landing.


And luckily when I called Expedia they didn't bat an eye. They must know me too.

(Don't worry husband -- they didn't charge me for changing the flight.)

But I am going to Creative Estates, with the right flights, and I couldn't be more excited!

Are you looking somewhere to sponsor in February? Check out my sponsor page for details.

xo, erika

guest post with erin of living in yellow

If you're feeling the weight of this week and need a bit of a pick-me-up, have I got a treat for you.

The lovely Erin blogs over at Living in Yellow and her blog makes me giggle and my heart happy. And I am so pleased to have her answering a few questions over on my little corner of the internet today.


Well hello there you lovely people.
I'm Erin from Living In Yellow and I am so excited to be here for Erika today.
You see, little miss Erika thought it would be fun to send me a list of questions to answer.
And well, I kinda love answering questions.
So I obliged.
I hope you learn a little bit about me and then decide to come over and visit for awhile :)
1. Three words that describe you.
Crazy. Happy. Funny

2. How did you get started blogging?
Great question.
I'm not really sure other than one random day I started a Blogger account.
I wrote my first post on February 1st, 2011 and the rest is history.
I was bored {heck, it was winter..} and had nothing better to do.
Now it is my favorite thing to do :)
3. How do you explain your blog to other people (like non-bloggy people?)
I try not to.
I just tell them they will have to read it to figure out what it is I write about ;)
It works every time.
And if they demand-I tell them I talk about my digestive system.
Then it really intrigues them.

4.  What's the best--and hardest-- thing about blogging?
The best for me is that this whole blog of mine is a creative outlet.
It is something of my own--I create it--I write it--it's all mine.
The even better part though?
Creating the awesome relationships that I have.
I love people, so getting to know people from all over the place has been such a blessing.
The hardest?
Blogging takes a lot more time than I ever imagined.
It is much more than writing a post here and then.
It is networking, emailing, editing pictures, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
5. Most embarrassing moment..
I don't have a "most" embarrassing moment.
I think it is because I have embarrassing moments happen weekly.
In fact, I don't even consider them embarrassing anymore.
One time I accidentally told a stranger I was nervous about what fiber would do to my digestive system.
You can use your precious time to read about there here.
I also fell down a huge flight of stairs once in Mexico and landed at the feet of a donkey & mariachi band.
That was interesting.
6. How did you develop your writing voice?
Did you just start writing and decide to be humorous and light-hearted or did it just happen?
Girlfriend, you have a lot of good questions here.
I developed my writing voice through sending entirely way too many emails at work
to co-workers, friends, and my husband.
I write my blog like I write those emails-humorous, honest, and like I'm talking directly to you.
I guess I just think funny is fun.
And I'm all about fun.

7. Quick-- you have this amazing opportunity from Donald Trump, or Oprah, or Bill Gates (someone rich) to get mega bank to blog--
but you have to convince them your blog is worthy of the cash.
What do you say?
I think this goes back to question number 3.
I would tell them that my blog is awesome because I talk about bowel movements.
That's sure to land me some cash money right?
8. Any advice for newbie (and not so newbie) bloggers?
Do it because you love it.
Only write about what you want to write about.
Don't try to imitate somebody else-people will see right through it.
Be yourself.
Have fun :)

9. And please share three of your favorite blog posts...
and three of your favorite must-read blogs!! :)
Three favorite blog posts? Hmm...
I like this one because it is Real. Honest. Raw.
I talk about my struggle with anxiety.
I also like this one and this one.
Both light hearted and fun :)
And three must-read blogs eh?
I just fell madly in love with Momastry
The woman is a genius and hilarious.
I'm a huge Daybook fan.
But then again, who isn't?
And for the third--heck, there are SO many good ones out there.
Click here for some more of my daily reads. Thanks for having me Erika... I hope to see all you Rouge & Whimsy fans over at Living In Yellow soon :) 

Peace out lovelies. 

Now before you get distracted by twitter or pinterest or something shiny-- go on over and check out Living in Yellow. I promise you will giggle... and your heart will get a little happy too. 

xo, erika


will you be my sponsor? (& giveaway winnah)

some stats:
796 twitter followers
385 GFC followers
average of 10 posts a week (?!)
going to Creative Estates in March
loves cheese with apples
new items coming to the shoppppp.....soon

see my sponsor page for size options or email me to cut right to the chase.
xo, erika

p.s.  winner of the Mrs. Robinson giveaway is Aleks! Check your email girl!

what i wore: color blocking

I've fallen hard for color-blocking.

color-blocking- verb- the act of pairing unusual colors or colors in the same family, like I did here with teal & kelly green.

what I wore:
cardigan: target    t-shirt: H&M    necklace: love is rising    jeans: urban outfitters    shoes: wanted 

I went safe with a white tee, but I hope to get more daring later on.

Want tips on how to mix and match solid colors effectively? This video is helpful. :)

xo, erika

pleated poppy


tuesday tutorial: blazer redo

Last week I asked you if I should keep a blazer.

I made some updates which is going to have me ask...

I added floral cuffs and better buttons in a quick evening.


I measured around my cuff and cut out a piece of fabric with additional 1 inch at the end and tops. I then went to my iron (your best friend in sewing!) and ironed the fabric over 1 inch all the way around.

Returned to the blazer, I rolled the cuffs up evenly on each side to my desired height and pinned my fabric around the outside of the rolled cuff.

I sewed around just the bottom of the rolled cuff and then down one seam, which was just enough to keep the rolled cuff in position.

I also added prettier buttons to replace the yucky plastic blue buttons. (What were they thinking?)

My tips:
- use similar fabric as your blazer. My blazer is polyester, my cuffs are a decor-weight cotton. Not a great pairing and this made sewing and matching seams difficult.

- pin, pin, pin and iron, iron, iron! This will help the cuff look crisp and seams match up easier.

So whatcha think? Keep it blue?

Have any questions? I'm here to help but honestly, I kinda made this up on a weeknight last week. :)

linking up!


fort date night

Sometimes every day needs to be made a little more special. You get into this daily grind-- getting up, going to work, drinking that same cup of coffee, making the same sandwich for lunch, coming home and going through the same routine before going to bed. And then it starts all over again.

Sometimes you need to do something a little more fun.

I haven't made a fort in years (I actually made "study forts all the time in college) and so I decided it was high time to make one for the husband and me.

And what's a better fort than one made of vintage sheets? Especially one with a bottle of red wine inside.

of course the doggie thought the fort was for him.

how do you make ordinary days seem special?

xo, erika


7 pretty things linkup

I'm linking up for a blog hop party... sharing some pretty things I've loved recently.

Specifically I'm loving bright, cheerful colors-- bright cobalt blue, orange, lime green and sunshine yellow. With all the snow and now rain, I think I could use some cheery hues.

Photobucket Photobucket
1. source 2. source 3. source 4. source 5. source 6. source 7. source 


deep snow & doggie distress

Seattle has become a winter wonderland.

 sweater: American Eagle forevers ago   plaid shirt: Banana Republic    jeans: F21  shoes: Wanted booties covered in snow

But perhaps some people would not use the word wonderland. Unlike other cities that see snow almost all winter, it only snows once or twice here and barely any more than an inch or two. (I only own three legitimate sweaters for this reason.)

Well until recently. Seattle was hit with a storm that dumped 6 inches in our neighborhood and 10 to 12 inches elsewhere. Add in some ice, steep hills and only a few snow plows and the city shuts down-- completely.

I know other states are secretly laughing at us.  And I'm thinking I need more sweaters.

(SIDE NOTE: I have a serious question for people who live in very cold climates... how do you deal with really cold weather? I'm freezing and it's 28 degrees! I can't imagine 10 degrees, or heaven forbid, -3. Do your eyes freeze? These may be silly questions, but I'm honestly very ignorant about this.)


Also, the doggie went in for a little surgery this week and he's wearing a cone of shame and generally feeling miserable, which makes me feel miserable.

:( Hoping this weekend is better.

 also-- here are some lovely links from around the internet-- if you find yourself with a spare moment, I recommend* reading them!

>> a friend's blog writing about being cheap versus being generous. a good read
>> i'm making these this weekend!
>> i adore this little blog and when she does collections of pretty things-- even veggies!
>> since cardigans are a major staple in my wardrobe, caroline's DIY is a must
>> avocado + dip = erika's two favorite words. need to eat make this

xo, erika

*despite me being a journalism major in college with a copy-editing class under my belt and a penchant for accurate grammar usage, there are some words I can never spell the first around. Recommend is one, definitely is another. Just thought you should know. :)


chatting (and giveaway) with Megan of Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I have a little treat for you-- an interview with the impossibly sweet Megan of the wonderful blog Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson. (and if you're interested-- she interviewed me over on her blog!)


How would your friends describe you?   
My husband said cute, outgoing, friendly, and talkative. But he was just trying to answer the question quickly so.... I don't know how accurate those descriptions are, haha :)

How long have you been married? How long have you been a mom? Is it as hard as I think it is to be a mom? (haha)   
I have been married for a little over 2 1/2 years. We were married in May 2010 and found I was pregnant in August 2010. Needless to say, it was a huge shock and we did not exactly plan to have children that soon. We were both still in school (I recently graduated and my husband is continuing on with graduate school) and it was hard to 1. be pregnant {and sick} and be going to school full-time and working, and 2. to have a newborn and be going to school and working on an internship with StrongerMarriage.org. Because my first year of motherhood was so busy with outside stuff and my second year is filled with the challenging toddler stage, I think my opinion about motherhood being hard might be slightly skewed from my own personal experiences. My first gut, honest reaction is "Yes, motherhood is very hard. Harder than you might expect it to be," just because of the circumstances that we were faced with. However, if I really reflect on my deeper, personal feelings about motherhood, it is also completely and utterly worth it!! I never knew I could love a tiny human being as much as I love my son. And although the timing may have been more difficult than I would have liked, I wouldn't have had it any other way!

How did you start blogging? 
I actually set up my blog back in 2007 when I was a sophomore in college to have a place to write down all the crazy, funny stories of my roommate and I and keep in touch with friends and family who were spread out across the country. It's actually pretty funny to go back and read some of my first entries {I was rather hilarious if I do say so myself}. But after getting married and having my son, I realized that I had learned some important life lessons that I felt like I needed to share with others. So in June of 2011 I started reaching out to others more and I found a wonderful community of friendship and support that I never knew existed. And I've been sharing my heart ever since! :)

Some of your favorite blog posts & topics?
I think I have too many.... But here's a list of some of my most favorite!
What is a Mother? 

What are your secret skills? (like my skill is that I'm a super fast reader...) 
I don't if they are secret really.... But if I put my mind to it {and stay motivated} I can be pretty crafty at times. I also play the piano, violin, harp, and sing {or I did... I am since out of practice}. And I can do a pretty mean impression of the Target Lady from SNL

If you could live anywhere... where would you live? 
I really want to be some kind of writer and write to inspire women, couples, and families. It's kind of a big dream but I feel like I can slowly but surely accomplish it. But my more realistic dream is to be able to continue to hold on to and understand true happiness and be able to look back on my life and feel love and satisfaction in my works. 

Please share your most embarrassing moment. 
Oh goodness.... This story still makes my face hot with embarrassment! In junior high {the most awkward of ages} I was doing a simple weight lifting demonstration for the school's open house. I had to perform in the choir later so I didn't want to change out of my jeans cause I was basically lazy. I didn't think it would be that big of deal though anyways. Well, it turned out it was a very big deal and I ended up ripping my jeans allllll the way up the rear in front of a BIG group of parents and students with a group of boys right behind me AND the school's little news camera was filming me at the time!! Some lady said very loud, "OH MY GOSH, SHE RIPPED HER PANTS!!" Then my friends looked over, dropped each of their weights and started laughing hysterically. I, on the other hand, started crying and couldn't face the rest of school again for my choir performance and just left in tears. I couldn't talk about it for years. Literally. It has scarred me for life.   (totally understand-- junior high is the WORST for embarrassments!)

What's better-- cake or pie? 
Can I say cupcakes?? I LOVE cupcakes!

Do you believe in New Years resolutions? Do you have any? 
Yes! I definitely believe in using the New Year as a great way to get pumped and try hard to become a better version of yourself in the following year. But, I also think that means setting meaningful, simple, realistic goals for resolutions that will bring a positive change in your life. My goals for this year is based off of this article to have an abundant life. They are: accepting myself and my circumstances to make the most of the situation, believing in myself and that I can accomplish the goals I set, and having courage and strength to push forward through trials. 


Isn't she great? I love the honesty and candor she writes with on her blog and I have felt encouraged by her in the short time that we've "known" each other. 

AND... the interview is NOT all. Megan is graciously giving away a LARGE blog ad and $15 to her and her sister's etsy shop Rhi's Designs

So... how do you win?

1. follow Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson here

additional entries:2. follow Megan on Twitter here
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the giveaway will be announced January 25th! 

xo, erika


what i wore - thrifted dress

This was once a polyester dress with a white collar. A little below the knee and a little too big. I wish I had a before photo, but you'll just have to be content with the after:

dress//thrifted   cardigan//TJ Maxx   necklace//urban outfitters   belt//thrifted  tights//?   boots//Macy's


where i sleep & other stories

it's a little cleaner in here than normal, so I thought I better share it now. (You never know when those pesky piles of laundry will show up.)

welcome... step up the stairs, my bedroom is an attic nook of a room.

You go up the stairs and see our little Ikea bed topped by cozy Target bedding.

the two small pillows are from france

handmade love banner

my milk glass lamp, collections of books

 my jewelry collection

the husband's shelf of sports books and memorabilia

 and the husband's shoe collection...he's a marathon runner...

and works as a shoe buyer at a local running store... which is the only way we could afford his collection.

when we bought the house I knew I wanted this room for our room. My mom and I painted the wood-paneled walls white.

It's the smallest room but there's something wonderful about being tucked away in a small attic bedroom. i love it.

what room in your home do you love the most?
xo, erika

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