DIY sheet curtains

I love vintage sheets and I have quite a few laying around-- just waiting for projects. I decided that I finally needed to do something with some of them and so this past weekend I made a little curtain for my kitchen window.

You need:
- vintage sheet
- sewing machine (or thread and needle)
- iron
- measuring tape/ruler
- scissors
- curtain rod

 take measurements-- make sure you take note of the width of your curtain rod. If it's one-inch, I'd suggest sewing a two-inch hem to feed the rod through. 

pick your fabric-- I chose a sheet that had a wide hem already sewn-- perfect to fit my curtain through

measure and cut-- making sure to include one inch at the bottom and sides for the hem, as well as your two inches at the top for the rod (if not already including in the sheet.)

fold over one-inch around the remaining edges of the sheet, ironing and pinning as you go. If your sheet does not have a hem at the top, fold over a two-inch piece of fabric. This is where you will feed the curtain rod through.

sew the hem down, making sure to leave openings at the edge of the top hem so you can fit the curtain rod in.

hang your curtain! I used a really thin rod -- only $2.99 at my local hardware store!

I love the final product and can't wait to make more things with my stack of vintage sheets. :)

xo, erika

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  1. oooh this came at a perfect time because i'm making curtains tonight! how exactly do you hang the curtain rod?

  2. That is SO pretty!!
    I really want to make a pretty curtain out of fabric one of these days!!

  3. such a cute idea! great directions too :) I love vintage sheets and have a little stash thanks to my Granny!

  4. Great idea! Yours turned out so pretty.


  5. This definitely made your door & window more dressy. And you were lucky to find such a cute vintage sheet :)

    Kate @ PeepThread.com

  6. Oh this is SO cute! I wish I could sew..

    found the route

  7. love the pattern pop that vintage sheets provide! my friend ari has curtains our of her vintage sheet finds and i LOVE them.


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