lovely inspiration: midnight in paris

I love France and who can deny the allure of Paris in the 1920s?

This movie was beautiful and perfect and made me want to save my pennies and dimes for another trip to the city of lights.
midnight in paris
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  1. I haven't see it yet, but I want to it really looks fantastic

  2. i need to see this, too! i would love to have that gorgeous dress and shoes :)


  3. I really liked that film too, although it was a bit pretentious (lucky for me I caught much of the art name dropping from my years of art history classes).

    I hope you'll stop by my blog today for info to win a pair of my earrings over at one of my good friend's blogs!

  4. Very pretty selections. I love those shoes!


  5. I love it!! The shoes are amazing. I love that movie!



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