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it's a little cleaner in here than normal, so I thought I better share it now. (You never know when those pesky piles of laundry will show up.)

welcome... step up the stairs, my bedroom is an attic nook of a room.

You go up the stairs and see our little Ikea bed topped by cozy Target bedding.

the two small pillows are from france

handmade love banner

my milk glass lamp, collections of books

 my jewelry collection

the husband's shelf of sports books and memorabilia

 and the husband's shoe collection...he's a marathon runner...

and works as a shoe buyer at a local running store... which is the only way we could afford his collection.

when we bought the house I knew I wanted this room for our room. My mom and I painted the wood-paneled walls white.

It's the smallest room but there's something wonderful about being tucked away in a small attic bedroom. i love it.

what room in your home do you love the most?
xo, erika

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  1. it's amazing to me how paint can transform a room! i just love your nook :) it looks super cozy, indeed! i've been really neglecting to spiffy up our bedroom, since we keep saying we're going to redo it, but i'm pretty sure that's about 2 years away in reality! i should just paint it and get crackin' on some curtains and maybe even hang something on the walls! seriously, it's that bad with it's olive green walls. thanks for sharing your space!

  2. i love that milk glass lamp! my favorite room in my house is probably my kitchen... just because I love the colors and how it all came together with decorating!

  3. Oh my gosh, girl, I adore this! Jen and I also love having a small n' cozy bedroom. We both feel nervous if we're sleeping in a larger room - I'll be 100% honest, when we first moved into our old apartment we slept in the walk-in closet for a while because the bedroom was too big and empty. ;)

    Right now, we live with her parents in her childhood bedroom, so this is basically our apartment in 86 square feet. It's cozy, and yes, small but it's right for us right now and we LOVE IT. It's our nest!

  4. What a cozy little nook!!
    I love how that paint transforms the entire room!!

  5. Oh, I love this, lady. It's so cozy and inviting. The white does wonders! I'm loving our kitchen at the moment. I'm working on a small re-do of it - will post about it soon. :)

  6. I love that you turned a room you would not expect to be your bedroom into a completely cozy bedroom nook. Great idea painting the walls white and the adorable accessories.


  7. i love love love this! i wish our room was a little nook like this!

  8. ooooo i love your room and i love your decor!! so cozy!! :)


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