chatting (and giveaway) with Megan of Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I have a little treat for you-- an interview with the impossibly sweet Megan of the wonderful blog Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson. (and if you're interested-- she interviewed me over on her blog!)


How would your friends describe you?   
My husband said cute, outgoing, friendly, and talkative. But he was just trying to answer the question quickly so.... I don't know how accurate those descriptions are, haha :)

How long have you been married? How long have you been a mom? Is it as hard as I think it is to be a mom? (haha)   
I have been married for a little over 2 1/2 years. We were married in May 2010 and found I was pregnant in August 2010. Needless to say, it was a huge shock and we did not exactly plan to have children that soon. We were both still in school (I recently graduated and my husband is continuing on with graduate school) and it was hard to 1. be pregnant {and sick} and be going to school full-time and working, and 2. to have a newborn and be going to school and working on an internship with StrongerMarriage.org. Because my first year of motherhood was so busy with outside stuff and my second year is filled with the challenging toddler stage, I think my opinion about motherhood being hard might be slightly skewed from my own personal experiences. My first gut, honest reaction is "Yes, motherhood is very hard. Harder than you might expect it to be," just because of the circumstances that we were faced with. However, if I really reflect on my deeper, personal feelings about motherhood, it is also completely and utterly worth it!! I never knew I could love a tiny human being as much as I love my son. And although the timing may have been more difficult than I would have liked, I wouldn't have had it any other way!

How did you start blogging? 
I actually set up my blog back in 2007 when I was a sophomore in college to have a place to write down all the crazy, funny stories of my roommate and I and keep in touch with friends and family who were spread out across the country. It's actually pretty funny to go back and read some of my first entries {I was rather hilarious if I do say so myself}. But after getting married and having my son, I realized that I had learned some important life lessons that I felt like I needed to share with others. So in June of 2011 I started reaching out to others more and I found a wonderful community of friendship and support that I never knew existed. And I've been sharing my heart ever since! :)

Some of your favorite blog posts & topics?
I think I have too many.... But here's a list of some of my most favorite!
What is a Mother? 

What are your secret skills? (like my skill is that I'm a super fast reader...) 
I don't if they are secret really.... But if I put my mind to it {and stay motivated} I can be pretty crafty at times. I also play the piano, violin, harp, and sing {or I did... I am since out of practice}. And I can do a pretty mean impression of the Target Lady from SNL

If you could live anywhere... where would you live? 
I really want to be some kind of writer and write to inspire women, couples, and families. It's kind of a big dream but I feel like I can slowly but surely accomplish it. But my more realistic dream is to be able to continue to hold on to and understand true happiness and be able to look back on my life and feel love and satisfaction in my works. 

Please share your most embarrassing moment. 
Oh goodness.... This story still makes my face hot with embarrassment! In junior high {the most awkward of ages} I was doing a simple weight lifting demonstration for the school's open house. I had to perform in the choir later so I didn't want to change out of my jeans cause I was basically lazy. I didn't think it would be that big of deal though anyways. Well, it turned out it was a very big deal and I ended up ripping my jeans allllll the way up the rear in front of a BIG group of parents and students with a group of boys right behind me AND the school's little news camera was filming me at the time!! Some lady said very loud, "OH MY GOSH, SHE RIPPED HER PANTS!!" Then my friends looked over, dropped each of their weights and started laughing hysterically. I, on the other hand, started crying and couldn't face the rest of school again for my choir performance and just left in tears. I couldn't talk about it for years. Literally. It has scarred me for life.   (totally understand-- junior high is the WORST for embarrassments!)

What's better-- cake or pie? 
Can I say cupcakes?? I LOVE cupcakes!

Do you believe in New Years resolutions? Do you have any? 
Yes! I definitely believe in using the New Year as a great way to get pumped and try hard to become a better version of yourself in the following year. But, I also think that means setting meaningful, simple, realistic goals for resolutions that will bring a positive change in your life. My goals for this year is based off of this article to have an abundant life. They are: accepting myself and my circumstances to make the most of the situation, believing in myself and that I can accomplish the goals I set, and having courage and strength to push forward through trials. 


Isn't she great? I love the honesty and candor she writes with on her blog and I have felt encouraged by her in the short time that we've "known" each other. 

AND... the interview is NOT all. Megan is graciously giving away a LARGE blog ad and $15 to her and her sister's etsy shop Rhi's Designs

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xo, erika


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