deep snow & doggie distress

Seattle has become a winter wonderland.

 sweater: American Eagle forevers ago   plaid shirt: Banana Republic    jeans: F21  shoes: Wanted booties covered in snow

But perhaps some people would not use the word wonderland. Unlike other cities that see snow almost all winter, it only snows once or twice here and barely any more than an inch or two. (I only own three legitimate sweaters for this reason.)

Well until recently. Seattle was hit with a storm that dumped 6 inches in our neighborhood and 10 to 12 inches elsewhere. Add in some ice, steep hills and only a few snow plows and the city shuts down-- completely.

I know other states are secretly laughing at us.  And I'm thinking I need more sweaters.

(SIDE NOTE: I have a serious question for people who live in very cold climates... how do you deal with really cold weather? I'm freezing and it's 28 degrees! I can't imagine 10 degrees, or heaven forbid, -3. Do your eyes freeze? These may be silly questions, but I'm honestly very ignorant about this.)


Also, the doggie went in for a little surgery this week and he's wearing a cone of shame and generally feeling miserable, which makes me feel miserable.

:( Hoping this weekend is better.

 also-- here are some lovely links from around the internet-- if you find yourself with a spare moment, I recommend* reading them!

>> a friend's blog writing about being cheap versus being generous. a good read
>> i'm making these this weekend!
>> i adore this little blog and when she does collections of pretty things-- even veggies!
>> since cardigans are a major staple in my wardrobe, caroline's DIY is a must
>> avocado + dip = erika's two favorite words. need to eat make this

xo, erika

*despite me being a journalism major in college with a copy-editing class under my belt and a penchant for accurate grammar usage, there are some words I can never spell the first around. Recommend is one, definitely is another. Just thought you should know. :)


  1. ruffles and plaid - two of my faves.

    I live in Seattle too. Our neighborhood got a few inches, but we seem to have become immobile. Thank goodness for Starbucks!


  2. Aww, hope your doggie gets better soon! And I have those same rainboots- they're so cute! Yay snow!

  3. I spent 5 years in Michigan and I honestly don't know how I survived the winters! (The remote start on the car helped, though). Hope your doggie feels back to normal soon!!

  4. I adore ruffles. Winter is so rough. Its not completely awful in PA, but its still pretty rough. Hope your dog gets better!


  5. Oh no, poor pup! What kind of surgery??

    And you guys can keep all the snow. We're getting a little bit now and I just want it to go away!

  6. haha!! I always have to google//spell check definitely. I am incapable of spelling it correctly!!
    I think you look adorable in your cozy little outfit!!! And I have no idea how people handle cold temps for long periods of time!!! When I was younger we used to go to Yosemite for Thanksgiving ((when 8 times out of 10)) it would snow. I was always bundled up in long johns + two sweaters + a scarf and mittens. and I think it only got around 28*. I really don't like the cold and I don't know how folks live through it!! I hate it when the house gets to 60*!!!!

  7. dude I CAN NOT spell definetely either. (There is currently a red squiggly line under "defeinetely" right now and I'm leaving it alone)

  8. Fellow NW-er here!! (I'm from Oregon). We only got a minuscule dusting of snow this year - didn't even stick! I was so disappointed!! I love a winter wonderland every once in awhile - too bad we rarely get more than an inch at a time.

    However -- last year we actually got temperatures around 5 degrees or so for about a week -- very strange. It was interesting how you quickly start dressing in layers. Long-johns, jeans, then leg-warmers & boots. Tank top, long-sleeved shirt, wool sweater, then wool coat and scarf. And always a beanie on your head!! Of course when you get inside, half of it comes off! Lol. When the weather actually warmed back up to freezing, it was amazing how WARM it actually felt!! ;P

  9. wow! thank you so much for the link!! it makes me so happy to hear that you like the collections. :) SO HAPPY! and all that snow in seattle??? crazyyy. i'm in eugene and we saw a little bit of fairy dust. have fun!! xo

  10. i think being a native Michigander, that somehow when winter comes, our bodies actually physically adjust to it. :) don't know the science, but trust me, in the beginning of winter, it seems sooo coold, and then by March, we are cheering for the warmness of 28 degrees. Except this winter is wackadoodle, and we've only had like 4 inches of snow. i miss it!


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