Guest Post: 4th of July flag from Tails to Tell Studio

I'm so excited to have a guest post from the lovely & talented Lindsay! I bought one of her custom paintings and it's adorable :) She is always posting the greatest projects she's doing and I'm excited about this one she's sharing with me & all of you!

Hi there!  I'm Lindsay from Tails to Tell Studio. :)  It's nice to meet you!

I don't know about you guys, but I really love the 4th of July.  The fireworks and cookouts, spending time with friends and family... I mean, who doesn't love that?  It's just good ol' American fun.

In getting into the spirit of celebrating the birth of my wonderful country, I decided to make a festive wreath for my front door. Here's what I came up with...

Think you might want to make one of your very own?  Well, I'll show you how I did it. :)
  It's really pretty simple. 

I went to a nearby craft store and got some festive goodies.  You'll want a wreath form, yarn in red, white, and blue, some pretty wide ribbon, some slightly thinner ribbon, a piece of foam for the stars, some floral wire (I got red), and a little flag or two. (I originally wanted a little cloth flag, but I live in Hawaii right now, and evidently the 4th of July is not a big deal here, so I had to go with toothpick cupcake toppers.... Hey, whatever works, right?)

I didn't take a picture of every single little step because there are a lot, and most of it is kind of self explanatory.
 Anyhoo... Start with your blue yarn, and wrap about 1/4  of the wreath. (Tip:  Determine which side is the front of your wreath right away so you'll know to put all of your knots on the back when you tie off each color.)  When you're finished with the blue, you'll start alternating between the red and white.  On this wreath, I eye-balled it and got lucky that each stripe was fairly even.  You may want to measure it out and mark your stripes. (I'll be doing that in the future.)

When you finish wrapping, it will look like this... 

The next step is adding your stars.  On the back side of my foam, I drew stars.  (I did them free-handed because I sort of liked the irregular, "hand-made" look.  If you want, you can always use a stencil, of course.)  Cut out your stars, and hot glue them sporadically in place.
Then, your wreath will look like this...

It's all down hill from here!  Simply use the ribbon and floral wire to create a bow by making several loops (pinch the middle and try to make the sides even).  Do this with the thicker ribbon, and then create another with the thinner ribbon.  When you're happy with your ribbon, you can fasten it with floral wire or glue it.
Then, add your flags.  I glued my little toothpick flags in a criss-cross.  (If I had had the little fabric flag I'd envisioned, I would have let it stick out of the bow and wave into the center of the wreath.)

Voila!  You have a super festive 4th of July wreath!

When it came time to hang mine, I made a little hanger out of the red floral wire.  Then, I discovered that the front of my door is made of something the consistency of concrete.  Nailing a nail to hang it on wasn't happening.  However, the top of my door is made of wood, so I looped some of the wide ribbon through the "hanger" on the back and nailed it to the top.  Just another way to hang the little guy... :)

Hope you guys like it!  Let me know if you decide to try it!

Thanks Lindsay!


what i love wednesday (not gummy bears)

Apparently you reach an age in life when gummy bears are no longer a great sweet to eat. Just ask my husband. Yesterday, the day before we left, he was eating gummy bears at work and broke a filling in his tooth. It was 5 p.m. and he had to find a dentist.

Fast forward six hours later, he's finally home (he had to go back to work after the dental work) and I'm still packing and cleaning. (My friend is house sitting the doggie monster and I don't want her to be using a nasty bathroom.) I'm also procrastinating.

But this all doesn't matter. I can sleep on the plane... heck I can sleep in Hawaii.

With that said, I'm loving all things travel-related this week and I'm wishing that I had more of an excuse to get these things... or perhaps just more money reasons to travel.

Adorable squirrel tag to make every bag cuter
found here

I kinda, like really, love vintage luggage
found here
Compass ring cuz I get lost easily
found here
 I wish I traveled internationally & had a reason for a passport cover like this
found here


I'm linking up to Krysten today!


what to bring on a trip

Packing for Hawaii looks much better than packing for anywhere else. 

Everything is a bright color!

Here are my travel necessities:


   a good book (or two or three! I just picked up "The Postmistress." Has anyone read it?)

   downloaded podcasts on the ol' iPhone (I'm a TOTAL NERD and love love love "This American Life")

   book of crosswords* (I can't do Soduko)

   plane snacks like almonds or dried fruit

   cash money money--especially quarters. You never know when you'll need a quarter.

   a comfy sweatshirt-- planes are always freezing

What do you pack when you go on vacation? 

*so I could not think of the name of crossword puzzles and had to describe it to my husband. "It's not a word scramble...it's like Scrabble, they're in newspapers?" Luckily the husband is used to me grasping at words. "Sometimes," he told me, "I think you're so smart you out-think yourself." aw thanks hubby!

p.s. Please note that all orders placed in my shop from June 28 (today) through July 6th will not ship out until July 8th. Thanks for your understanding! :)


crazy pup

Apparently I talk a lot about how my dog is "insane."

Something that even the lovely Krysten of After I Do noticed it:

"...about her dog that she claims is insane..."

So I decided that I need to outline exactly how I came to believe my little precious furmonster is a little crazy.

We got Nesby Glasgow (named after a University of Washington football player from the '70s--- yes the husband named him, yes he's a big college football fanatic) in March of 2010.

I'd been wanting a dog for a long time, specifically a corgi. Apparently I wanted one so bad that I talked about it in my sleep. True story, ask the husband.

We finally got the little bugger and brought him home from the farm he was raised on and right away we could tell he was, uh, different.
he slept in unusual places

and occasionally he would get this wild look in his eye...

and then he started eating or rather attempting to eat weird things (the photos below are not staged)

yes, he stole my sewing scissors

this is a clove of garlic he stole from the cupboard

nothing is off limits
I shredded this box for you Mom.
even paint is delicious

Things that I have had to grab out of Nesby's mouth:
a screw
sewing pins
sewing needles
dryer sheets (one of his favorites)
the bathroom drain plug
a loofah

and then there was that time he ate a cotton glove...whole.

He just straight up swallowed it like some prisoner of war swallowing the secret code.

And then went about his business as normal-- played, ate, etc-- only to puke it up--completely whole--five days later. The vet said she'd never heard of anything like it.

more things Nesby loves/attempts to eat:
toilet paper
hair clippings (this happened while I was cutting the husband's hair. gross.)

Living with Nesby is like living with a gregarious toddler that wants to and will put everything in their mouth. 

But on the other hand, Nesby, while curious, is extremely lovable and friendly. Everyone is a friend.

Have you ever seen Up? The dog Dug in the movie is Nesby to a t... just add in some odd food consumption and other antics:

"Hi I'm Nesby. I want to be your friend."

If this hasn't convinced you, I have more stories... but I'll save them for later.

p.s. Nesby just stole the a paper towel off the table and is now eating it.


day of rest [#2]

It's our second week in a row in pursuing rest.

I am doing better.

This week's restful agenda:

2. take a nap

how often do you let yourself just crash?

you give in to sleepiness
Source: deshow.net via Erika on Pinterest

close your eyes

and just dream

i know i should do it more often.

Happy Sunday friends. 


saturday snapshot (take 5)

Happy Saturday and snapshot day with Yellow Songbird!

Today I'm giving a shoutout to my dear dear friend Betsy who has been with me through a lot.

She may kill me for posting this photo...

but this is from when we were camp counselors at a Young Life camp several years ago and to me, kind of sums up our friendship...

And here's a better shot of us at my wedding... 

And now it's her turn to get married... in two weeks! I. can. not. wait.

I rarely get to see her anymore because she lives in San Diego while her fiance attends law school so photos of us together are even more precious.

I love you Betsy! Happy almost wedding day!
Please don't be too angry about the above photo... :)


Five Things Friday [#3]

hi. It's Friday. Do you guys ever get so tired you're not sure what's going on anymore? That's me. I don't know WHAT my deal is but I am not getting my sleep on at a decent hour... and sleep deprivation is not becoming. It's just really not a pretty thing.

But I am so thankful...

1. BECAUSE IT'S FRIDAY! And I am sleeping in on Saturday folks. You can count on it. (Unless the pup wakes me up at 4:45 a.m. like he did earlier this week. Bad thing about summer...the sun rises at an ungodly hour.)

I'm ready to get up Mom!

2. You guys. Honestly. My blog readers. I get really excited when I get a comment, I really do. I like all of you and if I had enough money I think it would be cool if I flew you all to Seattle to visit me and my obnoxious doggie. (see above photo.)

3. Hawaii. Next week. I really think I need this. The husband and I have been running in circles and have hardly seen each other and I'm looking forward to time with him, time with family and time with the sunshine.

4. My Bible study girls. I love that they are there for me and so supportive but I also love that when I'm with them I get to experience that deep belly laugh that makes your abs hurt more than a million crunches.

5. Sweet juicy watermelon. I love fruit in the summer and watermelon is such a sign of warmer temperatures, relaxing moments and longer days. I bought a "personal watermelon" the other day and unfortunately it was very personal... I ate the entire thing. Sorry husband.

What is rockin' your boat, making your smile and remember that the world is not so bad?

Last week, Lindsay enjoyed some sunshine and got some custom orders in her Etsy shop. :)

Bonita Rose shared chips and salsa with a friend (my all-time favorite food) and is grateful to be working through some tough things.

And Vic talked about beautiful friendships and the squish of wet mud between toes. 

link up!
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antique stores: not just for grandma anymore

Do you know what I love?

I love that it's cool to go thrift and antique shopping.

But do you know what I hate?

I hate that's it's cool to go thrift and antique shopping because it means that there's more competition for the good stuff.

A few weekends ago I was in Bellingham (last big town before the Canadian border) for my brother's graduation and my mom and I convinced the guys to stop at this three-story antique store.

Once they got in there they were just as engrossed as we were. This place was incredible and had nearly anything and everything you could think of to vintage appliances, old soda bottles, my favorite blue ball mason jars and antique quilts (swoon). Best part of it all? Most of it was pretty reasonable and honestly the best prices I've seen for blue mason jars. (Oh shoot now I'm sounding like someone on Antique Roadshow or somethin'... )

But don't let me tell you anymore about it. Let me show you. (A picture is worth a thousand words right? So enjoy my few-thousand word essay.)

maybe waking up would be easier with this little retro clock. (and i love the basket.)
hello cheerful '60s mugs. You would all brighten up my kitchen so well.

memorabilia from the 1960 World's Fair in Seattle. My friend's grandma met Elvis there. :)

turquoise mason jars are my calling. (and obsession. Sorry husband, but yes we do need more.)

enough vintage doilies for ya?

the only thing not for sale: a vintage funhouse mirror. (isn't my mom cute?)

Are there any fun vintage/thrift/antique stores near you? Can I come visit them with you?

Happy Thursday!!

p.s. tomorrow share what good things that you are thankful for this week with Five Things Friday. :)


what I wore [#2]

I figured out that timer setting on my camera...so now you get to see what I wore

A typical weekday outfit (I can dress super casual at work.) I love this comfy skirt and honestly wonder if it was handmade-- there are no tags anywhere on it. Also I love these feather earrings-- perfect for jazzing any outfit up. (Also I'm not wearing tights-- my legs are really that white.) ;)

I wear these brown boots almost every other day. I got them two years ago and this year had them resoled because I had nearly wore them through. The buttons on the cardigan are vintage from my grandma. She passed away while I was in high school and my mom recently gave me her sewing basket. Inside I found a full set of off-white buttons that were perfect for my cardigan and are a special way to remember her.

I've been wanting a fedora/sun hat forever and I finally found one for $7 at Forever 21. (They just put in one of those crazy 3-story ones downtown and it's dangerously close to my day job offices...) I also love this mustard skirt--bought it on a whim two years ago and it makes very regular appearances in my wardrobe. 

Do you see that blue sky? First day of summer here in Seattle and it definitely felt like it. Everyone was out sun bathing, biking, walking around and drinking iced coffee. Perfect. :)

So did I do okay for the what I wore post? I'm linking up to the pleated poppy!

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