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Blogspot, you've been real... but I'm over at rougeandwhimsy.com from now on! I hope you'll join me.

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links + lately

that one time I found my 16th-century doppelgänger at a thrift store

I took a break this week. It was decided last week. I finished up my Etsy shop orders and stuck it in vacation mode and I'm trying to get life in order -- maybe not fully in order --  but you, know, like, decently in order. 

To be honest I feel a little lost. I think it's that summertime sadness that Lana Del Ray croons about-- it's the end of summer, and fall is officially almost here, and I'm just not ready. Does anyone else feel that?

So I'm cheering myself up with a few of these awesome links.

- this business series from Ashley at The Shine Project, especially this post

- speaking of biz, a totally affordable small-biz class from Krystina (registration starts next Monday!) honestly, I've taken a few small biz/etsy-type courses in my day, and I always find them to be quite the kick-in-the-pants I need. 

- this kitchen remodel Danielle shared makes me feel all the subway-tile feels. 

- I have a lot of plums from my farm box ... and I think they should be made into this pie shared on Girl Versus Dough.

- This post about authenticity and fashion (and invitation to share your own story)

- I don't have kids, but I love what Carina shares about what to say to families that may be different from your own.

And let's end on a high note: This BBC story about a couple who have been married 80 years. Listen to their interview -- it's adorable how they keep teasing each other and giggling. 

happy friday.


where is your place

Where is your place?

Where is the place where you feel like you don’t have to do anything – where time seems to stand still, where calories don’t count and napping midday is accepted and even encouraged.

Where is the place where you play cards for hours and it doesn’t matter who wins (although competitive streaks will appear), where everything is funny and inside jokes are formed and held.

Where is the place where it’s always sunny and even if it rains, it feels bright, where feet are dirty, manicures are chipped and you don’t mind the bug bites that dot your ankles.

Where is the place where you’re outside and you’ll do it all, try it all – where it feels good to be exhausted from doing everything yet nothing.

I think my place has changed over the years. Most recently it’s at a small house my parents bought and are fixing up on Whidbey Island. It's just about an hour north from Seattle – the trip includes a ferry ride – but feels worlds away.

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