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If you're feeling the weight of this week and need a bit of a pick-me-up, have I got a treat for you.

The lovely Erin blogs over at Living in Yellow and her blog makes me giggle and my heart happy. And I am so pleased to have her answering a few questions over on my little corner of the internet today.


Well hello there you lovely people.
I'm Erin from Living In Yellow and I am so excited to be here for Erika today.
You see, little miss Erika thought it would be fun to send me a list of questions to answer.
And well, I kinda love answering questions.
So I obliged.
I hope you learn a little bit about me and then decide to come over and visit for awhile :)
1. Three words that describe you.
Crazy. Happy. Funny

2. How did you get started blogging?
Great question.
I'm not really sure other than one random day I started a Blogger account.
I wrote my first post on February 1st, 2011 and the rest is history.
I was bored {heck, it was winter..} and had nothing better to do.
Now it is my favorite thing to do :)
3. How do you explain your blog to other people (like non-bloggy people?)
I try not to.
I just tell them they will have to read it to figure out what it is I write about ;)
It works every time.
And if they demand-I tell them I talk about my digestive system.
Then it really intrigues them.

4.  What's the best--and hardest-- thing about blogging?
The best for me is that this whole blog of mine is a creative outlet.
It is something of my own--I create it--I write it--it's all mine.
The even better part though?
Creating the awesome relationships that I have.
I love people, so getting to know people from all over the place has been such a blessing.
The hardest?
Blogging takes a lot more time than I ever imagined.
It is much more than writing a post here and then.
It is networking, emailing, editing pictures, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
5. Most embarrassing moment..
I don't have a "most" embarrassing moment.
I think it is because I have embarrassing moments happen weekly.
In fact, I don't even consider them embarrassing anymore.
One time I accidentally told a stranger I was nervous about what fiber would do to my digestive system.
You can use your precious time to read about there here.
I also fell down a huge flight of stairs once in Mexico and landed at the feet of a donkey & mariachi band.
That was interesting.
6. How did you develop your writing voice?
Did you just start writing and decide to be humorous and light-hearted or did it just happen?
Girlfriend, you have a lot of good questions here.
I developed my writing voice through sending entirely way too many emails at work
to co-workers, friends, and my husband.
I write my blog like I write those emails-humorous, honest, and like I'm talking directly to you.
I guess I just think funny is fun.
And I'm all about fun.

7. Quick-- you have this amazing opportunity from Donald Trump, or Oprah, or Bill Gates (someone rich) to get mega bank to blog--
but you have to convince them your blog is worthy of the cash.
What do you say?
I think this goes back to question number 3.
I would tell them that my blog is awesome because I talk about bowel movements.
That's sure to land me some cash money right?
8. Any advice for newbie (and not so newbie) bloggers?
Do it because you love it.
Only write about what you want to write about.
Don't try to imitate somebody else-people will see right through it.
Be yourself.
Have fun :)

9. And please share three of your favorite blog posts...
and three of your favorite must-read blogs!! :)
Three favorite blog posts? Hmm...
I like this one because it is Real. Honest. Raw.
I talk about my struggle with anxiety.
I also like this one and this one.
Both light hearted and fun :)
And three must-read blogs eh?
I just fell madly in love with Momastry
The woman is a genius and hilarious.
I'm a huge Daybook fan.
But then again, who isn't?
And for the third--heck, there are SO many good ones out there.
Click here for some more of my daily reads. Thanks for having me Erika... I hope to see all you Rouge & Whimsy fans over at Living In Yellow soon :) 

Peace out lovelies. 

Now before you get distracted by twitter or pinterest or something shiny-- go on over and check out Living in Yellow. I promise you will giggle... and your heart will get a little happy too. 

xo, erika


  1. great to meet you Erin! I'll be visiting Living in Yellow very soon :)

  2. Thank you again for having me Erika...you are so wonderful :)

  3. I love Erin! She is so hilarious and always makes me LOL! You asked some great questions!


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