saturday selection: lace

welcome to a new weekly series (yay) where I'm collecting a selection of things I love each week. I may have you guys join in (if there's enough interest).
love lace
1. good gauze sweater by Modcloth
4. lace scarf by H&M

xo, erika


  1. Cute collection - I love that skirt!

  2. I think next to polka dots lace is one of my favorite things.

    Now polka dots and lace... lord, killer combo!

  3. I love that necklace!!!
    Lace is so pretty!! I wish I had more of it in my closet!! :)
    Beautiful finds friend!!

  4. Gorgeous!!! I am in love with number 3!!! I do something similar called Weekly Love List every Friday or Saturday. ^_^

  5. Love your blog! I like # 2 & 4 above.

    Check out mines

  6. i am so in love with lace lately!! the red skirt is fantastic.


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