diy: gold and silver decanters

hi guys!While I'm at Lake Chelan this week, I invited a few of my favorites to share some posts with you! Enjoy! And I'll see you next week (likely with a few more freckles.) :) 

Hi rouge + whimsy readers!  I'm Gina from {Acute Designs} and I am so happy to be here today and share with you guys one of my recent diy projects.

First a little back story.... Last December I saw these gorgeous gold and silver decanters and bottles on Anthropologie's website and I thought to myself "I could probably diy something similar."

So, on my next thrifting trip, I found some awesome decanters and a few vases.  I also purchased metallic gold spray paint and.....that's where it ended. The supplies sat in my garage for almost eight months.  I have come to the realization that I am a diy-er who prepares well, but often doesn't execute.  It's such a bad habit {not to mention the fact that my garage often looks like Michael's gone wrong}.

 Fast forward eight-ish months and I get an email from Erika about guest posting.  The first thing I thought was to finally finish this super simple project and show it to all of you. Here it goes.....

Supplies: -glass bottles, vases, and/or decanters {I thrifted all of mine for $1-$3 each} -Gold and/or silver metallic spray paint -Frosted glass spray paint -a stiff wire brush {can be found at a hardware store near the paint brushes} -high gloss sealant

1. Spray each glass item with frosted glass spray.  Whenever I spray paint glass, I like to first spray frosted glass all over the item.  This helps the spray paint stick to the glass.

2. Once the frosted glass spray has dried {it takes about 15 minutes} generously coat the glass pieces with metallic spray paint and let them sit to dry for about 24 hours. 3. In order to give the piece a distressed look and to allow some light to shine through, I rubbed each piece with a stiff wire brush.  I didn't entirely brush each piece, instead I worked my way around, choosing a few areas, and brushed off the paint. My advice is to brush a little at a time and see how it looks.  If you're satisfied, stop.  If not, keep brushing until you get your desired look.

 4. The final step is to spray the pieces with a high gloss sealant.  This will give everything an extra bit of shine.

Display these pieces around your house with flowers in them.  Or, use them as part of a jewelry display or centerpiece.  {p.s. Due to all the toxic spray paint, I would avoid putting liquor in the decanters.}

I hope you all enjoyed this simple Anthropologie-inspired diy project!  I know I enjoyed finally completing it :).


I LOVE THIS diy! See more great stuff from Gina on her blog, Acute Designs, as well as her food blog Taste. Check out her shop on etsy and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook as well. :)


guest post + giveaway: moe of five-sixteenths

I'm so excited to introduce to you one of my sponsors, Moe of the Five-Sixteenths blog. I love her blog and her sense of style and I know that you will too.


1. Tell me about yourself in a few sentences
I am Moe, a twenty something Southern girl who blogs about her post grad life, DIY inspiration, blogging tips, & style over on Five Sixteenths Blog.  About a year ago, I graduated from a small Virginia college, I found a job, I packed up all my bags, & moved in with my best friend.  Now, this year, I am packing up my bags (again!) to set off on a journey up north to join my boyfriend in Indiana.  Life is an adventure & I can't wait to see where it takes me!

2. How did you get into blogging and blog design?
When I was younger, my dad had this program on his computer called Arts & Letters where you could design posters or flyers or banners with a bunch of clipart.  That was my first encounter with 'design'  As I grew up I took a lot of web-based classes over summer enrichment programs with school...then came myspace.  I hate admitting this, but I learned about HTML from MySpace! Then I found blogging & learned about customizing a template.  I'd spend hours cutting, pasting, adding, subtracting, etc.  After about 5 years of designing my own blogs, a friend suggested I give designing for others a try...so I did & it's been so fun :)
3. What's your favorite part about blog design?
My favorite part about blog design is seeing the design come together. Whether its a premade design or a custom design, I love seeing others make the design their own.  I have up in the shop a design called Diagonal Arrow, & it's really not my favorite.  However someone bought it & once it was installed, I really liked it! I try to design & make products in a unique way so that it finds the person it is intended for & they can make it their own.
4. What makes a "good" blog design-- like spacing, colors, etc?
There are very many things that make an overall design well executed but the top three things are:
image quality - use the most of your posting space by making your images fill up that space.  My posting area holds images up to 650 px wide.  The leaves very little white space so that your readers eyes don't wander...also, it makes your picture easier to see :)
use of fonts - a common design rule is to use no more that 2-3 fonts in your design.  I actually found a great resource (here & more here) about pairing fonts.  This example is regarding Google Web Fonts & a lot are already a part of the Blogger Template Designer.  Avoid using cursive fonts in the main content part of your design, it's hard to read!
organization - To me, a blog is like a magazine & when you read a magazine you want to know where to find things.  Make sure you have a link designated as 'home', an about page, an easy way to find your email & social networks, etc.  You want your readers to be able to interact with you so make it easy for them to stay on your blog
I wrote a really simple tutorial here on using some free software (if you don't have fancy software) & online resources here.

5. What's your goals for your blog/ blog design biz/ etc
My goals right now are to build my portfolio.  I really like blog design but I also want to see my whole business take off.  I really want to see my ceramics & jewelry designs be a part of my success too.  I just like having an all around creative business!

6. What are your favorite things to do in the summer?
Oh my goodness, Summer is such a fun time! Although the heat is ridiculous...my favorite summer past times involve water.  I love going to the pool, to the lake, to the amusement parks, etc.  I also just love hanging out with friends and family.  Right now I am trying to get the best out of my last summer here in Virginia for a while.  But I can't wait to make a few memories on the shores of Lake Michigan.
Moe is graciously giving away a design package from her shop!
One person will win:
- choose one design from this section of the shop
- will receive custom color palette upgrade with two revisions (this listing)
- 4 social network buttons if the design they choose doesn't include any
- Blog button in a square size that matches the design
- installation
here's how to win:

xo, erika


friday finds + faves #8

I am real tired.

This week has been a whopper. a big mac?


it's been a lot of late nights and to be honest, more late nights are on the way as i try to get shop stuffs done before I hit the lake for a family vacay next week.

so if I seem scattered, it's because I am. :) ha.

but I must say, the husband has been rocking the socks off me, making dinner and helping me out. And the monster doggie has not ingested anything too serious this week**. So everything is good.

And in my spare time, here's a few of the things I've loved on the internets.

love on the webs:

>> old-timey olympics photos 

>>this skirt diy from caroline. (i have so many diys... and so little time for them all! there needs to be a holiday dedicated to diys... someone petition for that.)

 >> color-blocked hot pads diy

other linkies...

>>life lessons from smart ladies

>>is it toasty where you are? (midwest, i'm talking to you). check out these photos of antarctica.

>> do you read the dot in the city blog? you should. beth's got good stuff... like her series on summer style on a budget. (series after my own heart.)

>> other ladies that grace my sidebar that you should check out (those who are fond of hanging out in the google reader or reading through your smart phone.) this crafty seamstress // this sweetheart // this songstress // this designer lady // this dear beauty // this sweet mama

love in real life:

the new target that opened in downtown seattle, next to my day job. (uh-oh) // sunshine! // dates with the husband // etsy sales // good books to read on the bus // laughter // tomorrow a massage appt.!

what are you loving? come link up! all i ask is that somewhere you link back to me, just cuz that's nice to do. :)

xo, erika

**did I ever mention that the corgi monster ate a tampon last week? cuz he did. and we went to emergency vet at midnight. tops the list for weird outings with the husband and dog...


three years

Hi there. It’s me again, the husband. I last spoke with y’all last year on this very date-- our second wedding anniversary.

Well, I’m back to write another blog post for our third anniversary. Yup. We made it to three years. I’m surprised she stuck around. Just jokes. Anyway, last year Erika asked me to write about our wedding day. A fairly broad, but straightforward request. I wrote a lot about heat, love and vomit. This year I was told to “write about whatever you want honey!” Okay, so the Huskies….just kidding.

I definitely don’t have as good of an idea of what I want to say in this space as I did a year ago. It’s easy to write about one event that happened in the past. It’s much harder to write about something that has happened, is happening currently, and will continue to happen until death do us part.

What I will say is this: Marriage is the hardest thing I have ever done. I can’t do whatever I want whenever I want (Beers with the bros on a Wednesday!!) I have to cook dinner on Mondays (and sometimes Wednesdays—tonight). I have to FOLD LAUNDRY (ick–normally I’d just shove things into drawers instead of making them into nice, neat little squares).

Marriage requires a sacrifice of myself that I could not comprehend when I said “I do” three years ago. However, I will also say this: Marriage is the most rewarding, amazing, superfantastically awesome thing I have ever done. I am blessed enough to be able to spend my entire life with an amazing girl and continue to get to know her and learn more and more about her every day. The individual things I have sacrificed by marrying Erika have been replaced by things that are so much better than I could have imagined. The deep conversations we have about God, relationships and our dreams are incredible. The supremely ridiculous conversations we have about corgis, farts, and my dreams (as in the things I dream at night – insanely weird) are just as rewarding in the laughter and happiness that comes from them.

Anyone that tells you that their marriage is “perfect” or that they aren’t having any issues at all with their spouse is a liar. There will always be issues, there will always be points of contention, and there will always be egos getting in the way of doing what’s best for a marriage. Working through these issues and relying on God for our strength in marriage is what keeps me (and Erika I’d think) going.

So, if you’re married, don’t get discouraged when things get tough. It’s easy to be married when everything is rainbows and sunshine. Working to compromise and learn to love each other through difficult and hard times is what makes a marriage last 60 years instead of 60 months. So, celebrate the good times and persevere through the bad. Any rely on one another to do both.

Ok, enough mushiness and stuff. There’s a baseball game on and it’s tied in the 8th. See y’all next year (or in my next outfit post -- I'll be sure to wear fancy shoes).

hey. it's erika. isn't my husband pretty great? I think so. happy three years!

the cat is out of the bag

glasses: costco // top: thrifted // belt: ?? // jeans: urban outfitters // shoes: c/o bc footwear

First off, this is such a weird statement. The cat is out of the bag.

Does anyone know where this originated? Why were people putting cats in the bag? Did the cat go in there on their own-- maybe to play? Whatever the cause, it's definitely a good thing that they were letting those cats out.

But that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is that my blog and shop have intersected (almost fully) with my real life.

Up until now, I've enjoyed pretending that no one in my day-to-day life (friends, family, coworkers) knew about my blog. I don't know why I thought I could pretend this -- but I decided that I could pretend this. (It's kinda like kids who don't believe in Santa any longer but don't want to tell their parents that they know that a man in a red suit isn't the one getting them presents.)

And then two things happened...

1.) my small group called me out about it. They complimented me on my new line of bags and wondered why I never talked about my blog or shop. They asked hard questions and made me realize that my shame about my blog and shop is unfounded.

2.) a friend took photos of my new bag line. Then she posted it on facebook and linked my PERSONAL account to the post. whoa nelly. Suddenly people were coming out of the woodwork to talk about my shop and blog. So yes, someone let the poor cat out of the bag.

And after some minor panic attacks, I decided it's okay.

Yes, I am still SO awkward talking about my blog and shop in real life (thank you internet screen of courage) but I'm going to do a little better.

So hi day-to-day family and friends. I know you're out there. (waves while avoiding eye contact.) I'm sorry that I don't talk about this space in real life but I just get insecure. But hi-- this is my blog. I like to post about what I wore, decor stuffs and other silly life stuffs. If you like it here, feel free to stick around. If not, no hard feelings. We can still be friends offline.

xo, erika 

p.s. like my shoes? they are one of the most comfortable things I own. which, for me, is a super plus.

linking to the pleated poppy



If you're wondering, no, I didn't dye my hair.

This is my friend Katie.

Katie currently lives with the husband and I, which may be to many people, pretty unconventional.

When the husband and I bought our little house, we decided that we wanted our house to be a place of hospitality-- a place where people felt welcome to stay for dinner, or if need be, a few weeks. It's not a conventional theme in today's world where we all live far from our families and friends and the only time you live with people other than your family or significant other is in college. 

But we wanted to be unconventional. We were blessed to get this house and want to pass that blessing on. (earlier this year my brother lived with us.)

For a few weeks we're passing the blessing on to Katie. She will be starting her doctorate program in Physical Therapy in the fall but before she does that, she's hanging out with us. I wanted to introduce her because a.) she has a great sense of style b.) I have already raided her closet on several occasions for outfit posts. (I'm even wearing one of her shirts today.)

Also, I wanted to show off this creative outfit she put together: a skirt paired with a bandeau top. perfect for her date night out with her sweet boyfriend.

xo, erika


getaway (& photos)

this weekend the husband and I, along with two other friends, headed to Icicle Canyon outside Leavenworth for a camping trip.

For awhile I feel like I had been going, going, going and getting away to a place where there was no email, no internet access, distractions, stresses or even indoor plumbing was just what I needed.

Sometimes you need to get away so that you can face the world (and its pain) better when you return.

here's hoping you, too, get away sometimes-- to a place with or without indoor plumbing. :)

xo, erika


off the grid

going camping here for the weekend.

see you monday.

xo, erika

white tee

scarf: flea market in France // shirt: husband's // jeans: F21 // shoes: Urban Outfitters // Bracelet: junghwa

I have a habit of stealing the husbands white undershirts.

They're perfect for sleeping in, working out in or wearing around the house. I've even stolen a few for soon-to-be DIY projects.

And paired with a scarf, jeans and heels, they even look good for a casual dinner out.

I could probably buy my own white undershirts, but it's way more fun to just dig through the husband's drawers.

xo, erika 

p.s. I also steal his running socks. 


that one time we golfed

The husband and I recently decided we needed to spend more quality time together. Quality time is definitely the husband's love language** and sometimes it doesn't matter what we're doing as long as we're together. I tend to get super busy/distracted (shop, blog, real job, etc) and so we've tried to be better at making time together a priority.

With that in mind we headed over to Greenlake Pitch n Putt-- a place that my husband frequents (it's right by his work) but I had never gone.

You see, I'm not a huge sports person. Me plus ball usually means disaster. I'm more of a running, wakeboarding, non-team sport kind of person... so golf is not usually high on my list of dream activities.

But turns out it's fun... even when you're remotely terrible like me. :)

Me >> hat/pants: Forever 21 // shirt/shoes: thrifted
Husband >> tee: Urban Outfitters // shorts: Gap // shoes: Nike 

Are you married/dating? Are you guys good at doing dates? I think it's even good to make standing dates with friends-- like Monday night Bachelorette parties with wine. :)

xo, erika

** love languages: If you've never heard of the 5 love languages, it's basically the theory that people show love in different ways-- gift giving, physical touch, etc, etc. My love language is acts of service-- so do my dishes and I'll feel loved. There's more stuff about it here. (oh and this isn't sponsored or anything-- I just think it's cool.) :)

time for you to get a watch

Do you remember that joke?

What time is it?
Time for you to get a watch!

Maybe that's just me.

I think the last time I wore a watch consistently was in 2nd grade when I was learning how to tell time. I had a pink and purple Timex with a velcro floral strap. yesss

I may have had a few other watches throughout junior high, (I seem to recall a baby blue sparkly one), but once I graduated high school, watches were obsolete because it was way cooler to pull out your flip cell phone to check the time.

But now that cell phones have been around awhile, watches are back in again. They're no longer a necessity but more of an accessory to the so-called arm party* the everyone seems to be having.

Here's a few of the watches I'm digging right now:

>> 1. Nordstrom boyfriend watch
>> 2. Modcloth wrap watch
>> 3. Target mint watch
>> 4. La Mer wrap watch

do any of you wear a watch? have you always worn one?

xo, erika

*arm party= when you wear a lot of bracelets. Not sure who made this up, but I first heard it here.


new items in the shop!

happy monday!

I am super excited about the new items I just added to the shop...

I thought it was time to get on the ombre trend. These fun 10 inch foldover clutches feature bright dyed ombre fabric and a bold brass zipper. They're perfect for going out and special occasions, or throw them in a big bag to organize your stuff.

This line is a limited edition-- so snag 'em while you can!

They're currently listed for $28 in the shop

I'm kind in love with pairing spring colors with gray right now-- especially these two hues: peach and mint! Each has a gray floral lining and leather straps. These bags are durable; I use mine everyday to cart around all my stuff. They measure 12 1/2 by 14 1/2 inches and can even carry a laptop.

These guys are $50 each in the shop.

And because I love you all and love summer, get 15% through Wednesday, July 18 with the code "SUMMERTIME."

xo, erika
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