white tee

scarf: flea market in France // shirt: husband's // jeans: F21 // shoes: Urban Outfitters // Bracelet: junghwa

I have a habit of stealing the husbands white undershirts.

They're perfect for sleeping in, working out in or wearing around the house. I've even stolen a few for soon-to-be DIY projects.

And paired with a scarf, jeans and heels, they even look good for a casual dinner out.

I could probably buy my own white undershirts, but it's way more fun to just dig through the husband's drawers.

xo, erika 

p.s. I also steal his running socks. 


  1. Okay I am with you, guys' clothing is SO comfy. You look super cute, I love that scarf.

  2. i'm with you on the socks.

    love the outfit!

  3. I steal them from my hubby too! But they're usually not white enough to be worn in public, ha! I love your scarf and shoes...a perfect pair! and I'm scheming a trip to Urban since I have a gift card!

  4. dude. white tee, skinnies, pumps, and a scarf = my favorite outfit of all time. so easy and effortless!

  5. I love a clean white shirt!


  6. these pics are the best! love this post & outfit! :)



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