time for you to get a watch

Do you remember that joke?

What time is it?
Time for you to get a watch!

Maybe that's just me.

I think the last time I wore a watch consistently was in 2nd grade when I was learning how to tell time. I had a pink and purple Timex with a velcro floral strap. yesss

I may have had a few other watches throughout junior high, (I seem to recall a baby blue sparkly one), but once I graduated high school, watches were obsolete because it was way cooler to pull out your flip cell phone to check the time.

But now that cell phones have been around awhile, watches are back in again. They're no longer a necessity but more of an accessory to the so-called arm party* the everyone seems to be having.

Here's a few of the watches I'm digging right now:

>> 1. Nordstrom boyfriend watch
>> 2. Modcloth wrap watch
>> 3. Target mint watch
>> 4. La Mer wrap watch

do any of you wear a watch? have you always worn one?

xo, erika

*arm party= when you wear a lot of bracelets. Not sure who made this up, but I first heard it here.


  1. I haven't had a watch in so. long. I'm really loving "skeleton watches" right now. (Basically, you can see the watch's innards. :P) They are pretty in a gothic / steampunk sorta way!

  2. gorgeous watches. I've got one of the Michael Kors MK55 which never leaves my wrist :)



  3. O used to wear a watch consistently. In fact, I had 2-3 watches I would wear and then the batteries died in ALL of them. I haven't replaced them, but I do miss wearing a watch. And I'm totally loving the bigger ones our there lately :)

  4. I definitely need to get a new watch. I had a super awesome cuff watch that I loved. It lasted almost a year until it flew off my wrist in my classroom while I was demonstrating to my students how cricket pitchers throw the ball. The watch hit the floor hard and kinda got mangled. Yes, these are the types of things that happen daily in my classroom.

  5. I have wanted a gold watch for quite some time. Maybe I should find a cheapie one at Target....

  6. I wore a watch every day until about 8 years ago. I took my watch off to wash dishes and it disappeared. I had a cell phone and realized no one was wearing watches any more so I didn’t replace it, just hoped it would show up again one day. It never did. Not even when we moved. I really don’t know what happened to it!

    But now I am smitten with #3 and I really want one. So maybe I will become a watch person again!


  7. I've never worn a watch, but I've always thought I would feel so much more grown up if I did! Maybe I should go with classic gold.

  8. There's a rose gold Fossil watch that I have my eye on... but it's more for a fashion accessory than to actually use it. I use my phone for that, lol.

  9. I have been wishing for a watch lately. A stylish and yet practical one, so I loved your options! They'd be so helpful in meetings!

  10. Love them! I've been looking for a more permanent one. I just don't like anything too heavy around my wrists, and I haven't found anything I'm totally happy with yet.


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