my mint jacket

jacket: thrifted // top: nordstrom // jeans: gap // shoes: Wanted

to the previous owner of my new mint jacket:

To be honest, I don't know why you donated this trench coat to Goodwill.

I can't find any stains or rips. There really isn't anything wrong with it. It's perfect, really.

And you know what's funny? I own this exact jacket already in khaki. Except mine is a little worse for wear. I bought it 6 years ago at the Gap outlet for $20.

I bought your old jacket for $10.

Did you get tired of this coat? I get that, I really do. You see something constantly in your closet and even though there's nothing wrong with it, you just feel like you have to get rid of it.

If that's how you felt, then thank you so much. I'm so glad you got sick of it.

And if this somehow ended up in the giveaway pile by mistake-- I am so sorry. But I promise you, it has a good home with me.

xo, erika


  1. Love the color! I have a rain coat almost the same color and love it too :) It's fun to wear a bright/cheery color when it's drab outside! also love your floral top!

  2. You look so pretty!! I adore that mint color!!
    PS eeeeeeeeep!! I LOVE those little puppy paws in the background!! I am so glad that you pointed it out, otherwise I am quite sure I would have missed it entirely!!

  3. Maybe the previous owner is like me - I get over coats and jackets QUICKLY. I always want new ones but force myself to get rid of old ones to make room.

    Then again, I've had my winter coat for 3 winters now and ADORE it. It's purple and long and I feel gorgeous in it.

    ANYWAY. I love this jacket on you and I'm glad it found a good home!

  4. That is such an adorable jacket!

    I can't pull off mint, but it is lovely on you.

    And, the puppy paws are so C-U-T-E!
    Seeing the paws and your note of them put a great big grin on my face.

  5. great color!! love your top too, so fun!

  6. I love it!


  7. LOVE that jacket. You find THE BEST stuff!


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