If you're wondering, no, I didn't dye my hair.

This is my friend Katie.

Katie currently lives with the husband and I, which may be to many people, pretty unconventional.

When the husband and I bought our little house, we decided that we wanted our house to be a place of hospitality-- a place where people felt welcome to stay for dinner, or if need be, a few weeks. It's not a conventional theme in today's world where we all live far from our families and friends and the only time you live with people other than your family or significant other is in college. 

But we wanted to be unconventional. We were blessed to get this house and want to pass that blessing on. (earlier this year my brother lived with us.)

For a few weeks we're passing the blessing on to Katie. She will be starting her doctorate program in Physical Therapy in the fall but before she does that, she's hanging out with us. I wanted to introduce her because a.) she has a great sense of style b.) I have already raided her closet on several occasions for outfit posts. (I'm even wearing one of her shirts today.)

Also, I wanted to show off this creative outfit she put together: a skirt paired with a bandeau top. perfect for her date night out with her sweet boyfriend.

xo, erika


  1. Oh my goodness! I must be unconventional too because for the past year I've lived with my best friend & her husband. It was a pretty fun time & I am sad to see it end :(

    Who says you can't have friends live with you? Its fun to have ppl around!

    ps.looooove her outfit!

  2. We always have someone staying with us, we feel the same way. We have 2000 square feet and 3 people so if someone needs our basement, it is theirs.


  3. In this day and age everyone need someone! That's what friends are for :O) Hugs! Leah Ann

  4. I love that you open your home to others. My husband and I have done the same thing with our guest room! A friend of his is staying with us at the moment. I always love the crazy looks I get when I mention our "roommate" :)

  5. I think that's awesome! I'm a pretty private person in my home (odd since blogging helps me to put it all out there) so I'm not sure I'd be able to do the same but I admire you and your hubs for doing this!

  6. I love it and I don't think it's that unconventional. We'd love to do the same with our home once it's more live-able ;) Great outfit!

  7. I'm married with children, but we have made our home a place of hospitality from time to time. My husband and I like to help friends out when we can :) Things can get a little hectic - but that is just the story of my life.

  8. I think your hospitality is awesome. Such a great feeling to share our blessings.
    And she looks great!


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