diy: cilantro-jalepeno limeade

Lately I've been into all things jalepeno. Slicing them into salads and tacos and most recently, adding them to drinks.

Yeah, drinks. I know it sounds bizarre, but hear me out. This drink is sweet and refreshing but has just the slightest kick at the end-- even my friends who don't love spicy things liked this drink. It's really, really that good.

And if you do make it, it's a guaranteed conversation-starter.

"You put what in here?"

"Yes, yes I did."

cilantro-jalepeno limeade

4 1/2 cups water
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup agave nectar
10 limes (or 5 limes and one little weird lime juice thing)
3 diced jalepenos (remove the seeds and pulp! and wash your hands after you do this...)
1/4 cup roughly chopped fresh cilantro
tequila (optional)

- Bring the water, sugar and agave nectar to a boil and stir until the sugar is dissolved.
- Remove from heat and add the diced jalepenos and chopped cilantro. Let steep for three hours (put it in the fridge once the pot is cool enough to do so.)
- Strain the liquid, removing the jalepenos and cilantro.
- Squeeze lime juice into the mixture, reserving one lime to dice to add to the drink
- Add a splash of something stronger -- if you want--
- Serve over ice

*original recipe found here
xo, erika

p.s. like the chalk label on the pitcher? that's a removable chalkboard label from martha stewart's new line at staples. I would recommend going and checking it out except that you may be tempted to blow some major cash on cute labels and folders and organizational stuff. I say you just might be tempted,  I mean, it's not like I know anyone who did that...


  1. ohhhhh yum! what a fun twist on a limeade!! love the chalkboard detail too!

  2. That sounds delicious and refreshing! I totally want to try this out!

  3. I would have never thought of this combination, but it sounds soooo good. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hi Erika! We met at the PNW Blogger meet-up. Ever since then, I have been trying SO HARD to remember the name of your blog and just couldn't! It was very annoying. Anyway, thank goodness for Erin. :)

  5. Hi there. I'm your newest follower and a fellow Seattle-ite (I can call myself that now since I've been here over a year, ha). Your blog is so cute. Can't wait to read more!

  6. ooh sounds spicy and very interesting. definitely a try

  7. This sounds amazing. I will definitely be making this.
    Penniless Socialite


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