diy: gold and silver decanters

hi guys!While I'm at Lake Chelan this week, I invited a few of my favorites to share some posts with you! Enjoy! And I'll see you next week (likely with a few more freckles.) :) 

Hi rouge + whimsy readers!  I'm Gina from {Acute Designs} and I am so happy to be here today and share with you guys one of my recent diy projects.

First a little back story.... Last December I saw these gorgeous gold and silver decanters and bottles on Anthropologie's website and I thought to myself "I could probably diy something similar."

So, on my next thrifting trip, I found some awesome decanters and a few vases.  I also purchased metallic gold spray paint and.....that's where it ended. The supplies sat in my garage for almost eight months.  I have come to the realization that I am a diy-er who prepares well, but often doesn't execute.  It's such a bad habit {not to mention the fact that my garage often looks like Michael's gone wrong}.

 Fast forward eight-ish months and I get an email from Erika about guest posting.  The first thing I thought was to finally finish this super simple project and show it to all of you. Here it goes.....

Supplies: -glass bottles, vases, and/or decanters {I thrifted all of mine for $1-$3 each} -Gold and/or silver metallic spray paint -Frosted glass spray paint -a stiff wire brush {can be found at a hardware store near the paint brushes} -high gloss sealant

1. Spray each glass item with frosted glass spray.  Whenever I spray paint glass, I like to first spray frosted glass all over the item.  This helps the spray paint stick to the glass.

2. Once the frosted glass spray has dried {it takes about 15 minutes} generously coat the glass pieces with metallic spray paint and let them sit to dry for about 24 hours. 3. In order to give the piece a distressed look and to allow some light to shine through, I rubbed each piece with a stiff wire brush.  I didn't entirely brush each piece, instead I worked my way around, choosing a few areas, and brushed off the paint. My advice is to brush a little at a time and see how it looks.  If you're satisfied, stop.  If not, keep brushing until you get your desired look.

 4. The final step is to spray the pieces with a high gloss sealant.  This will give everything an extra bit of shine.

Display these pieces around your house with flowers in them.  Or, use them as part of a jewelry display or centerpiece.  {p.s. Due to all the toxic spray paint, I would avoid putting liquor in the decanters.}

I hope you all enjoyed this simple Anthropologie-inspired diy project!  I know I enjoyed finally completing it :).


I LOVE THIS diy! See more great stuff from Gina on her blog, Acute Designs, as well as her food blog Taste. Check out her shop on etsy and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook as well. :)


  1. Gina, these are beautiful! I haven't mixed spray paints before, but I love the idea/look of yours! I have the frosted glass one...now I just need to decide what I'll paint ;)

  2. I love this, quite brilliant!! xo

  3. Beautifully styled and executed! Love this


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