happy two years and a guest post from the husband

(FYI: grab some iced lemonade or a glass of wine- this is a long post with lots o' photos)

In lieu of writing a blog post today, my lovely wife Erika has asked me to write something instead.  She said to keep it around 200 words.  That’s like six sentences, so this might be a tid bit longer.  Our 2 year wedding anniversary is today and her prose to me was to "write something about the wedding."  Kind of a broad topic, no?  I'm not entirely sure why she thought I would be a good choice to compose this blog post, as she is a substantially more gifted writer than myself.  My only thought as to why is that she wanted to go upstairs to make more crafty things for R&W.  Or to watch The Bachelorette. Either way, I'll certainly do my best to keep y'all entertained.*

So, our wedding was hot.  Like hot with two "t's" hott.  Seattle summer temperatures generally range from 70-80 degrees, with a 5 degree cushion on either side of that.  If the weather stays within that 20 degree window, all is right in the world in the eyes of Seattleites.  Any sort of variance from that however is cause for uproar, complaining, and threats to move to Canada.**  The temperature on our wedding day was 98 degrees.  When we booked our outdoor wedding, our biggest concern was that it might rain.  Turns out that occasionally happens in Seattle.  Also turns out, that would have been a blessing.  What we ended up having was the hottest three week stretch in the history of Seattle (well since they started keeping records 110ish years ago).

Erika's company line about the wedding is that she "doesn't remember much."  I think the fact that it was nearly 100 degrees (no A/C in the reception hall mind you, this is Seattle after all, and apparently it never gets above 80, so why would any building be equipped with A/C?) and the fact that we each talked to over 10,000 people that day probably contributed to her memory loss.***  I on the other hand remember it like it was yesterday.  In fact (this is a true story.  I swear.) two nights ago I spent an hour looking at our wedding pictures at 2 am.****

Full disclosure before I continue.  I’m a complete sap at weddings:  weddings for people I barely know, weddings for people that I love dearly.  It doesn’t matter.  I’ve never actually cried at a wedding (other than my own), but I always get the big lump in my throat every time the bride walks down the aisle.  Every single time.  It’s mildly annoying.

Before I got married, random people I knew would talk about their own wedding days being “SUPER AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!” and “SPECTACULARLY WONDERFULLY FANTASTIC!!!”  And despite what I just said in the previous paragraph,  I would quietly laugh at these weirdos and say to myself, “Self, while weddings are great and all, there are surely other things in your life that will always be better than your own wedding.  Like watching the Huskies win the National Championship, the Rose Bowl, or really,  any game at all.”  Turns out I was the weirdo.

Now I’m not an emotional fella in terms of tears.  I can express feelings and talk and have good hard conversations and all that jazz, but I’m not really a crier.  Since I began high school (11 years ago), I think I’ve only cried for deaths and break ups.  Neither are fun.  At all.  I’ve certainly never cried tears of emotional joy like a girl. ;)  With all that said, I cried at my wedding.  Not a lot, but some.  Tears of joy for sure.

My goal now is to not get too sappy and gushy on y’all (see * #1), but we’ll see what happens.  I can honestly say that the day I married Erika (July 26th, 2009 for all of you keeping score at home)***** was the best day of my life.  Hands down, no question at all.  I will not debate this with anyone.  There is something about marrying your very very VERY best friend that is SUPER AMAZINGLY AWESOME and SPECTACULARLY WONDERFULLY FANTASTIC.  

I remember pretty much everything about that day.  I ran in the morning, just like I do everyday.  I went to my usual Starbucks and got my usual drink (the baristas were shocked that I was there since they knew I was getting married.  Honestly, why would I not drink coffee on my wedding day.  I do need to be awake for the vows correct?) The day was hott with two t’s.  We took pictures for about infinity hours before the wedding and got into every pose imaginable to man.  Don’t get me wrong, it was super fun to hang out and be goofy with my soon to be wife and our very best friends, but we took so many pictures that I was pretty sure I was going to end up with a permasmile.  We had ones kissing, smiling, whispering, eyes closed, eyes opened, standing, sitting, hugging, looking serious, and one of me playing quarterback with my groomsmen as the offensive line.   

After we finished the photography portion of the program, Erika and the girls went and secluded themselves into her little “Bride Room."  I think what it said in our wedding plans we drew up was “Erika goes and hide."   While the girls were “hiding," us guys drank lots of water and no alcohol prior to the ceremony.  Although I’d always pictured having a beer with my groomsmen an hour before the wedding I just really didn’t want anything to go awry.     
Along with being the super fun groom who nixed the beer idea I also required that all six of my groomsman keep on their full tux for the 5 p.m. outdoor ceremony.  There would be no removing of jackets or rolling of sleeves for the ceremony.  This was my wedding and I wanted it to be classy and perfect.

As all of the guests arrived, I’m quite certain they were silently (or maybe not so silently) cursing us for getting married on one of the hottest days in the history of Seattle.  As everyone sat down, the groomsman and I, along with our Pastor, moseyed up to the altar.  I could feel the sweat rolling down my entire body, which was outfitted in a full tuxedo, vest, and jacket.  Yikes. 

Once Erika started walking down the aisle, the heat was almost unnoticable to me.  She was captivating and I didn’t really care if it was 10 degrees or 100 degrees.  She was (and still is) gorgeous and I was about to marry her.   

The ceremony started and things were going just fine.  I said my vows and was thoroughly enjoying the moment of celebration with Erika, our families and our friends.  Unfortunately my brother-in-law Andrew (groomsman number 5 of 6) didn’t feel the same way at all.  In fact, I’m pretty sure he wanted to be anywhere else in the world at that moment.  You see, during Erika’s vows, right in the middle of her telling me that she’d stand by me in sickness and in health, Andrew got down on one knee, and puked.  Apparently all of that water upset his stomach (clearly he has a sensitive stomach) and when the upset stomach was combined with the heat of the day and the massive quantities of suit material his delightful brother-in-law required him to wear, he could take no more.  

After the puking, things went fine.  Everybody laughed, he felt better, and we sealed the deal with a kiss.  The reception was awesome and crazy all at the same time.  We were whisked around by parents and friends and the photographer,  making sure we talked to everybody that came.  We ended up not getting to eat our own cake until a year and a half later, which we’d forgotten that we’d left in Erika’s parents freezer (delicious by the way).

It was certainly the best day of my life and nothing will top it.  If you haven’t tried marriage, I highly recommend it.  For me, one of the best things about being married is the fact that I can secretly hope some day some guy says or does something one day that offends her so I can punch him and defend her honor.  Extremely dorky I know, but I bet if you peered inside the brains of 10 guys, all 10 would say beating some AHole up for saying something to his girl would be something he’d love to do.  As for me I’m 5’10 and 140 lbs. so I might just have to settle for a punch instead of a full beatdown.

I don’t really know how to end this random story of a hot wedding, vomit, and many asterisks, so I’ll just say this: Being married is one of the most rewarding, challenging, exciting, annoying, fun, and wonderful things I can imagine.  I know Erika would say the same, although she’d use bigger words and potentially more emphasis on challenging when it comes to me folding laundry. (I folded tonight honey!)  I am truly honored to be married to such a wonderful woman.  I thank God everyday for the blessing He gave me in my wife.  She is truly a prayer answered and a beautiful person to spend time with.  I love her more than anything and would do pretty much anything for her.  She is the most loving, loyal and admirable person I know.  If we are blessed with a daughter someday, I would hope and pray she could be half of what Erika is.   

Happy anniversary sweetheart.

*I spent this past weekend (Thursday-Saturday) driving from Seattle to San Francisco and back with one of my very best friends.  He’s from Tennessee and says y’all a lot.  The drive is 14 hours (830 miles) each way.  Trip totaled 61 hours and 2 minutes.  We spent a lot of time together.  Sometimes things rub off.

**The whole threat to move to Canada is actually only from my liberal friends when a conservative gets elected.  And from my conservative friends when a liberal gets elected.  I clearly embellished there.

***It was really more like 400 people, but still, it was more than usual.

****Upon my return from San Francisco at 3 am early Sunday morning, I went straight to bed.  I got up 4 hours later to run and go to work.  It was not a good day to say the least.  I got off of work at 5, came home, made dinner and went to bed at 6 pm.  I thought I’d sleep through the night.  My body had different plans and I woke up at 9 pm ready for dinner and  some quality time with Erika.  She was ready for bed.  Oops.  So I watched SportsCenter and looked at our wedding pictures and played Angry Birds until 3 a.m.

*****That’s a baseball reference for those who don’t follow sports like their life depends on it.  When fans keep score at home (a bunch of random symbols that you fill in on a sheet that says which guy hit the ball where and a bunch of other random things that don’t matter at all), the announcer of the game will often say random things that maybe you didn’t notice during the game, just in case you were keeping score at home and wanted to keep your scorecard correct.


  1. This post was absolutely lovely. Such gorgeous pictures! You two are two peas in a pod. :] Happy anniversary!

  2. Oh my goodness, I looove this. So much. :) Erika, your husband is definitely a sweetie. Congratulations on your anniversary!!

  3. happy anniversary and what a great writer you have for a husband~! this was just too cute :)

  4. Love this! :) I was actually passing through Seattle during that exact heat wave 2 years ago. I had just gotten married 8 weeks before, and after finishing school, I was headed to Hawaii. My plane stopped in Seattle and got delayed because of the heat. We then had to stop unexpectedly again in San Francisco to refuel because the heat meant we had to lose passengers or refuel. It made that first trip to Hawaii memorable, and I'm sure the heat certainly made your wedding memorable to all of your guests!

  5. What a lucky woman you are!

  6. Congratulations on your anniversary! Your pics and hubs post are so sweet.

  7. OMG this is fantastic! What a great writer for a husband, and he's sentimental, I thought that only happened in movies? Anyway, Happy Anniversary~

    Growing Southward

  8. I love the photo of the groomsmen as the OL + all the sports references. :) Belated happy anniversary!

  9. this is one of my fasvorite posts by far! thanks for sharing your wedding story with us evan.

  10. I'm a new follower browsing around your blog :)...and I have read ooodles and ooodles of blog posts from everywhere!! seriously! and I thought I'd say this has to be one of my favorite posts of all times!!! sort of wierd, since I like fashion and crafting more than weddings (or so I thought), but your husband is so darn sweet (and funny) that I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this one!!
    anyway... :)


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