thrifted finds: amber glasses

My recent Goodwill find was the stuff of legends. $4 for an amber-glass pitcher, $2 for each glass.

Pretty amazing. and perfect for yogurt. and ice cream.

And a kind of find worth a dance in the aisle filled with mugs with kittens on them, and a phone call to your mom (if she's just as thrift-happy as you) to brag about what you found.

My mom is definitely thrift-happy and I can fortunately say she's taught me all I know about the art of bargain hunting and Goodwill-ing.

One of my earliest memories was at a thrift store with my mom. It was dark inside, I think, and I remember being allowed to pick out something, anything I wanted. We were there likely to pick out dress up clothes and toys, and of course, any other treasure that most thrift stores hold.

So I pointed to a black and white plastic horse sitting above me on a shelf. Nothing special, just a horse with a painted-on gold bridle. I still have it today. It's like a weird token of my thrifting beginnings, or something.

do you thrift? have you always done so?

xo, erika


  1. Same here! Mom taught me well! Every time I wanted something on trend (like sequined jeans with patches) my mom would take me to Goodwill or Salvation Army to find a pair similar and then we'd DIY the rest. That's how I started! Frugal for life!

  2. Awesome! Yes, I've been thrfting for ever!! For as long as I can remember! I love it. I share my thrift tips every month on my blog too.

    It's so great when you have someone who is excited about thrifting to talk to when you find something awesome. I am lucky that my boyfriend likes to thrift as well!

    If you're interested, here's the link: http://www.fivesixteenthsblog.com/search/label/thrift%20tip

  3. Great find! My mom is an eternal bargain hunter...no matter how much she doesn't NEED to bargain hunt. We spent most Saturdays at garage sales :).

  4. I love this set, and the amber color is very retro! I thrift, but never find anything as cool as this!

  5. i've always been a thrifter--this is a fantastic find! love colored glass! you've inspired me to go home via the route that passes Goodwill :)

  6. I am trying to learn how to thrift... it's kind of a foreign concept to me but I'm learning.

  7. Those are beautiful! Great find, Erika :)

  8. Yes i do it all the time now, but I dont remember my mum ever doing it. Although she must have a bit.

    I have only really picked it up since I have been at Uni.

  9. great find! i love thrifting, haven't been in a while! must go soon!


  10. Oh yeah .. Those are nice! I can just imagine that beautiful pitcher filled with lemonade out on the porch. My sister, mom and I thrift pretty well every time we get together, if there's time to squeak some in!


  11. Great finds! I really love thrifting dishes and such. I am an avid thrifter myself and usually go once a week; it's an addiction, haha. :P

  12. Mmmmm! Great finds! Now I wish we had some dessert in the house!!


  13. You've definitely got bragging rights for finding this set! I was never into thrifting until I had to learn to be responsible with my own money. Haha! But now I love it. And I love telling people I got something at the thrift store! They're always super surprised!

  14. Love the pitcher. I have found glasses before, but never a pitcher like that! Great find!

    I remember Goodwill trips from when I was a kid, but my mom did it because she had to, I do it because I want to. I'm not spending $100 on a coat! (she just spent $300 for a jacket, on sale!-yikes!)

    I admit it. I'm cheap. Proud of it though.
    ~Trudy http://thriftscore42.blogspot.com


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