tis the season

Seattle weather is teasing me with thoughts of summer and beach time (and if you follow me on Instagram, you probably were annoyed by the several beach sunset photos I posted last night ... sowreee) and it has me thinking...

it's getting to be that time. Swimsuit season.

(cue women collectively gasping in horror.)

While swimsuits are not fun to find, try on, whatever, I am for one am actually pleased that more and more companies are getting on the cute one-piece train. In past years, if you were going to try and find a one-piece suit, it meant you were stuck with the Speedo-racing-style suit that creeps up and does not look flattering (sorry women's Olympic swim team), or it meant going with the suits in the women's department that had floral prints better suited for curtains. Or vintage couches.

This year, I'm actually torn between one-piece suits that I like, which is a pretty crazy concept.
splash in
 one // two // three // four

And of course, if we're talking cute suits, we might as well be talking beach accessories.

see you at the beach 
one // two // three // four // five // six

Now if only I got eight weeks of summer vacation.

xo, erika


  1. I hope it never gets cold again. Yes, I am also filled with thoughts of summer.

  2. so cute! i actually got the anthro suit that looks just like the mod cloth one, meaning i spent more than i had to. blerg.

    but i love a cute one piece. shabby apple just added some to their collection, too!

  3. love ALL the suits but, do I get a vote? I vote for the Shabby Apple one because I have had my eye on it since last year!

  4. Yay for more suits, Now we just need the companies to do more shorts, bottoms for bikinis and my summer will be set to go.
    Ps I love that polkadot one...

  5. lovely picks! i'm all for one piece suits too and i totally agree it's been a disaster finding one the past few seasons :) i was on bodenusa last night and found a few cute retro ones too!

  6. I am so excited about all the amazing one piece retro suits that are out right now!! It's making the decision to pick one so hard! I just got one from Jantzen and I loveeee it!

  7. I have a zillion different swimsuits but my favorites are my black with white polka dots and my bright purple ones.

  8. I've been thinking a one piece is in order for myself this summer, too! And, like you, I'm very pleased that I have so many options! And I love your picks!
    Also, those sandals in your accessories collection are very chic.

  9. I bought a one piece last year for the first time since maybe middle school but I love how they've actually been designed to flatter your figure now! Great picks!

  10. I love everything about that green Shabby Apple suit!

  11. Omw! I want that Teal one from Shabby Apple! *why must you be so expensive?!* :(


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