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Blouse, pants, belt: LOFT. Hat: Target. Shades: Anthropologie.

Hello, Rouge & Whimsy friends! I am Abbey from Along Abbey Road, a personal style and lifestyle blog mixed with bits of ridiculousness. So happy to be here today! Erika is just the cutest and that hair. Oh how I envy that gorgeous hair!

A little about me...

I've been married for 3 years to my awesome husband, Matt. We have a studly 4 month old, Luke. We are obsessed with Disneyland. I eat Oreos like nobody's business. Matt does exceptional made up Broadway performances. Luke's full-time job is giggling and squawking. One might say it's quite the circus over here.

Be sure to stop by Along Abbey Road for more silly anecdotes and fun moments!

Okay Abbey *blush* thanks for the compliment but girl, you  have great hair!

 To see more of Abbey and to see what I wore on her blog.. (it's funny, we both chose leopard)... head on over here.

xo, erika


  1. Oh, you silly girls. You BOTH are gorgeous! ;)

    Abbey, your blog sounds so fun! Heading over right. now.

  2. Love her blog!!!



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