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 plaid shirt: Nordstrom // maxi skirt: Nordstrom similar // platforms: Blowfish

When I get home from work I usually have a request for the husband.

It isn't to pour me something to drink, or make dinner, or rub my back (although I do like all of those things.)

It's to take an outfit photo.

I do have a tripod, but setting it up, running back and forth to set the timer is just not nearly as easy as having my husband do it. Plus, he doesn't mind... or doesn't tell me that he minds. :)

So last week, like usual, I asked him ever-so-sweetly if he could snap a few photos, but this time, he had a request. He wanted to have an outfit photo too.

Now, full disclosure. The husband works as a shoe buyer at a running store. He wears t-shirts and jeans or t-shirts and shorts with running shoes every day. And while that doesn't bother me, what bothers me is when he wears a long-sleeve shirt under the t-shirt -- a "style" he loves and a look that I really don't like. (I know -- pretty superficial of me.)

But the thing is, I think it's a "style" that belongs back in high school or heck, even junior high. If you're going to layer, put a jacket over the t-shirt, not a long-sleeve under the t-shirt.

So, I'm asking for your input. Should I just get over the husband's favorite look, or is it a style that really should be kept firmly in the early 2000s?

xo, erika

p.s. Oh-- and I should mention that I'm willing to compromise on this. For example, he can wear the long-sleeve/t-shirt combo to work, just not when he goes out with me. Or, maybe he can at least concede that it isn't the most fashion-forward look. I'm willing to be happy with that.

p.p.s. the monster wanted to have an outfit photo too.


  1. Baha! Just laughed out loud with my coffee. Erika, I'm on your side here.

  2. haha what a cuutee doggie!! I just love your outfit posts!!

  3. Ahahahaha! :)) I agree with you!

  4. bahaha Your husband is TOO funny!! I love that pose! :) I agree with you, perhaps the long sleeve under the tee only at work?
    PS I love your skirt + shoes!! You always look so cute Erika!!
    PPS Your pup is such a cutie!!
    I think you should totally bring out the tripod once in a while and capture the three of you in a photo!! You are so cute!!!

  5. hilarious! i agree with you too Erika, but i will say that i probably wouldn't have even noticed if it weren't the topic of discussion :)

  6. Oh my! I got a laugh out of this!
    Oh you both are precious. But I'm with you, no long sleeves under the t shirt.

  7. Oh my gosh, I am totally laughing right now.

    I'm not sure I have an opinion on the long sleeved shirt under the t-shirt. It doesn't really both me although I myself wouldn't wear it.

  8. My boyfriend occasionally mentions that he's not the biggest fan of something I'm wearing, and I kindly tell him that while I appreciate his input, I dress for myself. Then I tell him I get tired of all his plaid, but I support him wearing whatever he wants to wear. : )

  9. LOL. This post made me laugh. :) I agree that it's a style that best left to kids still in school, but hey maybe just don't let him wear it when he goes out with you like you said. Your dog is so cute!

  10. I mostly agree with you. Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory does this and it doesn't bother me, but when I see it in the wild, I don't like it. Brad Pit wore this "style" in The Mexican in 2001. In 2001. 11 years ago. A decade ago. Put your foot down, sister!


  11. Hahaha y'all are too cute! He kinda looks like a high school student in that if it makes a difference... but hey, those shoes are sharp ;)

  12. hahahha you are hilarious girl!!!

  13. Hi Erika, enjoying your blog. It's a skater look, and it seems like he can carry it off, especially with those cool, green soles. But if it's not your thing, ask him to wear something different when you're out together.

  14. ha! that is so my husband's style, too. to me, it's the college look, and we're far out of college. but, it's also kind of seattle, so i don't know. i just keep buying him things i like and now he checks with me before leaving the house! :)

  15. I think the long sleeve thing is more of a winter acceptable outfit :) But, my hubby does it sometimes, too! :)

  16. hah! this makes me laugh because i rock that look every so often. sometimes i REALLY like my t shirt and don't want a jacket or sweater covering that up... but i don't think anyone should take style advice from me. that's probably a look i should retire now that you mention it!


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