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Citlalli has a great shop filled with fun ruffled bags and clutches, not to mention a sweet little blog.
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 favorite thanksgiving food? Sweet potato casserole 

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I love this girl and her delicious blog full of healthy recipes and photos of her adorable son. Check out her shop for sweets you'll need to order.
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 favorite thanksgiving food? Garlic mashed potatoes with green beans

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Carina's blog is an inspiring, welcoming place and her shop is filled with adorable accessories that all benefit her adoption fund. :)
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 favorite thanksgiving food?  I seriously love the entire Thanksgiving meal (a little too much), but the best dish has got to be stuffing. I started making a recipe last year with cornbread and french bread, and it is a carb lover's dream come true.

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Lindsay's blog challenges me to be a better, more honest blogger and I'm so glad to say that I've met her in real life! She's a gem.
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 favorite thanksgiving food?  pumpkin pie :) 
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Monique blogs about crafting and everyday life and recently opened her etsy shop!

 favorite thanksgiving food? My grandmother makes this fantastic turnip and carrot mix which I can never get enough of!

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It's nearly impossible to fit all that Ashley is into one sentence: blogger-extraordinaire, inspiration guru and shop owner just top the list. 

 favorite thanksgiving food? Pumpkin pie

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Manda Jane runs a refreshingly-honest blog and has a great shop filled with upcycled goodies.
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 favorite thanksgiving food? My mom's broccoli rice casserole hands down! I could eat a whole pan of it by myself!

Nora documents the ins and outs of newly-wed hood (and as a semi-newly wed I appreciate what she has to say!)

 favorite thanksgiving food? I love turkey and making leftover turkey sandwiches for the week after!
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Janice makes fun headbands and adorable lacey onsies for little girls! seriously adorable.

 favorite thanksgiving food? Green Bean Casserole. I love fried onions. Like, more than the average person. :)
Hope you find some new reads as well as a few new items to add to your Christmas list. :)
xo, erika


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