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When I mentioned that I was welcoming free sponsors I got way more of a response than I expected and I am beyond excited to introduce you to some of them (I can't do 'em all in one post-- you would get overwhelmed!)

These ladies are talented and sweet and definitely worth getting to know and I am super psyched (do people use that word anymore?) to share their blogs and shops with you.


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 Sarah makes whimsical, hand-crafted clay robots and jewelry! I'm eying this pyramid stud necklace.
discount: BLOGLOVE for 10% off 

 favorite thanksgiving food? I just love stuffing! I eat it until February. I think it's under appreciated!

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 Louana's shop is filled with adorable, fun felty creatures that are perfect gifts. This brown owl is my one of my favorites.
discount: FSROUGE for worldwide free shipping 
 favorite thanksgiving food? Well, I have never celebrated Thanksgiving, so I don't really have a favorite. But I've always wanted to try Thanksgiving turkey; they always look so tasty in the movies!

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Amber sells sweet nature and Bible-inspired clothing for kids. I don't have any yet, but I love the butterfly wings costume she has!
discount: BLOG for free shipping
Favorite thanksgiving food?  THE BREAD by pioneer woman cooks, it is so delicious and fattening I only allow myself to make it for the holidays!!

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Upcycled and pretty vintage jewelry that I am dying to own-- especially this cameo locket!

Favorite thanksgiving food?  White meat turkey!

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Hannah makes adorable bags, pouches and darling Christmas stockings! I LOVE this one!
discount: ROUGEANDWHIMSY for 15% off
Favorite thanksgiving food?  Absolutely has to be mashed potatoes, although the rolls are always yummy too :) 


Aren't they great? And this is only a few of the sponsors. Check in for another round-up in the near future. :)



  1. Yay, I love new shops! I need to find a gift for my mom's birthday!

  2. Lovely feature thanks!
    I returned the favor here http://www.shoploveclay.com/2011/11/rouge.html
    Hope you don't mind I swiped a photo ;]


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