mixin' & matchin'

Source: freshome.com via Betsy on Pinterest

I'm writing about mixing and matching home decor over on Sloanbook today. go check it out. :)

xo, erika 

p.s. will someone convince me to have a facebook page for the blog or shop? i think i should, but am still on the fence...


  1. Off to check out your post.

    And do the FB page, it's a fun extra way to interact with people.

  2. I have been debating the same thing! I am so indecisive about it... I think YOU should do it though :)

    Did you get my button? And do you still want to send me yours? I'll get my other stuff to you this week. Happy Thursday!

  3. You should do the facebook page! You could even do giveaways for your facebook readers for your store, or offer discount codes. Go for it! I'm sure you'll reach a whole new group of people.

  4. Thanks so much for guest posting! :) I loved what you wrote! And I also think you should make a FB page :) I just made one a week or so ago and already have 88 LIKE's, not saying that is a lot because it isn't compared to some but it is a good start, you never know! Just try it out! Also I LOVE your shop. Just saying :)


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