read my lips

I bought some lipstick the other day. While I love the look of lipstick, to be honest, that's not why I bought it.

I bought it to look older.

For as long as I can remember, people have thought that I am 5 to 10 years younger than I really am.

In high school, people mistook me for a middle schooler.
In college, some took me for a high schooler.

Recently, the worst incident, in my mid-20s, an airline attendant asked me if I was old enough to sit in the exit row.

She was implying that I didn't look 15.

I had to tell her no, I wasn't 15, but 24.

And I know, I know, when I'm 50 I'll appreciate looking 35. 

But right now, when I'm out of college, married and working... I would like to be taken seriously. I don't want to be asked when I'm going back to school, or where my parents are. 

So I bought lipstick.

Because when I wear red lipstick, people don't ask me how old I am.
I know that ultimately I shouldn't care what people think. But right now, I'm saying read my lips... my red, red lips: I am not 15.

And besides, wearing red lipstick is fun.

I'm wondering... does anyone else have this problem?
xo, Erika 

p.s. I also got some plummy lipstick and mango-melon-colored lipstick. We'll see how old those make me look. ;)
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  1. Oh, you're super cute! The lipstick suits you really well. :)

    My boyfriend has a 15 year old daughter, and when me and him go out together, people that he knows but hasn't seen in a long time sometimes ask if I am his daughter... :D "no, that's my fiance!" That's a bit awkward! I'm 24 as well! Unfortunately, my teeth are really not white enough for me to use red lipstick, so I will have to try to figure out something else...

  2. So cute! I totally thought you were going to say... I bought it because the packaging is awesome. Because I love that packaging!!

  3. I can SO RELATE to this! AND I have a daughter. SO Many times I get looks as though I should be on teen mom...seriously! I FEEL for you girl. BUT the good news is this will pay off for us I hope :)

  4. People also have always assumed that I was much younger than I really was. When my friends and I would go out with fake ID's they would ALL get in and the door guy would take my ID and not let me in... every time. Now that I am 29, I dont mind it so much :)

  5. YES, I get this all the time and it's so frustrating. I'm in a fairly high-level position at a company. At first the comments were cute "Oh, you weren't even born yet when I was doing ____ in the world of business" but lately they've become the venomous comments of men who don't want to report to a girl who looks like she's 16! I found that wearing a lot of makeup (which I hate) makes me look a few years older, and that helps. The lipstick that works for me is a plummy-magenta, and it's definitely the most fun part of trying to make people believe I'm really 25 and, yes, they have to listen to me :)

  6. That looks FANTASTIC on you.

    People think I'm in my early 20's. I take that over my late 20's!

  7. YES, I have this problem! My hubby is a youth pastor and once, I was standing, talking to a group of teens, and a mom came up and addressed all of us as "teens." I just cracked up!

  8. I have the same problem! Of course I didn't get it too much now that I'm in my early 30s (gulp. When did that happen?)... When my best friend and I were seniors in college, we went to Charleston, SC as a break. We were talking to an employee at one of the plantations and told her we were seniors. I'll never forget her saying "Oh, that's nice. Which High School do you go too?" Hahaha. I just tried out red lipstick myself the other day! You look great in it!! :-)

  9. i have this issue ALL THE TIME. just a few months ago, i was asked if i was 18. i'm in my late twenties and i'm also getting sick of being mistaken for a child.

    also, you've made me think twice about lipstick.



  10. Maybe it's a ginger thing....this past weekend someone asked me what "grade" i was in. Eek! Love this red on you, I want to see the other color too!

  11. I'm 31, and until a few years ago I would get carded at Rated R movies! I know how you feel. People still think I'm in my early 20s. I'm definitely not complaining anymore...as I get older I appreciate being thought of as younger, but it can be annoying sometimes. Especially in the professional world.

    Love the lipstick! Red lipstick is definitely fun :-)

  12. I never wear lipstick. But last weekend, I bought a lip gloss for a friend's wedding and I loved wearing it...and have continued everyday this week. Maybe I'll take the plunge and get some lipstick soon since it will stay on my lips longer! ANd I totally get the looking young thing- I used to be told I look old and now everything thinks I'm in college when I graduated from college 8 years ago!

  13. I don't know why, you look SUPER old.

    Just kidding. I'm glad I remembered you have another blog, I was a feeling a hole in the blogiverse without Honey & Husband.

  14. I'm pregnant right now and people give me strange looks. I'm 25 & married guys, honest, it's ok!

  15. Love the lipstick! I used to look years younger as well....although the gray hair and laugh lines are aging me now ;)
    I once had a custodian walk into my classroom and ask me where the teacher was. He was confused as to why the student aide would be teaching ;)

  16. I agree with Kristen, it must be a ginger thing, it happens to me all the time!

    Also, I just found your blog today and love it!


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