up*cycled: given new life, turning something old into something new

I love to thrift shop and one of the things I love most about thrift shopping is finding things that have so much possibility. 

While you may know that a lot of my hair accessories feature vintage and upcycled earrings or brooches, I am excited to take the whole upcycling thing to a whole new level. :)

What was once a tweed skirt is being transformed into part of my new line of pillows.

The base of the pillow is a wool-felt blend. The silhouette is a hand-drawn, hand-cut creature that I machine stitch onto the wool. 

The result is a one-of-a-kind, fuzzy fall-inspired pillow. 

Expect them in the shop next week!


  1. Those are gorgeous! YOU are so talented.

  2. ah, you are so clever erika! i want the squirrel one... ;)

  3. A-MAZ-ING! love a lot! you are so clever

  4. Um amazing idea! I love those pillows they are adorable! I need to learn how to sew... :)

  5. loves it so much!



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