saturday is game day

at least it's game day in my house.

the husband loves college football, especially University of Washington college football. He grew up going to games (his grandpa is an alum) and then went to every game as a college student.

I went as a college student too but once you've graduated, tickets get a little pricey and I'm not the biggest sports fan.

But on days like yesterday, even I can't resist a fall day at the stadium.


and yes, we won :)


  1. we are huge fans! the start of the game was rough to watch with the bad calls then missing that touchdown - then getting it back, haha! i went to bed before it was over but was glad to here we got a win!

  2. We were watching- that was an intense game last night. My husband taught Danny Shelton, one of the new guys on defense this year, so we're always keeping out eyes out for him. Great guy.

  3. How fun! You guys are so cute!

  4. I LOVE Seattle! I go up there every two months to visit my boyfriend who is stationed up there. I would love to go to a Huskies game, it looks like so much fun! Love your pictures :)


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