what i love: getting cozy

Winter is on its way.

I can tell.

Last night I lay under my comforter listening to pounding rain and this morning as I walked the little doggie the wind howled and whipped at us.

I think it was telling me to go back to bed.

At work the day alternated between quick bursts of sun and periods of pelting sideways rain.

Time to put away the flip-flops, flats and floaty tops for real. It's October.

What I'm loving this week is all the cozy items on Etsy:

My goal is to go the entire month of October with only turning on the heat a few times so those cozy little items will definitely come in handy. :)

xo, erika

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  1. AHHH a coffee cozy, I LOVE IT!

  2. I agree with Krysten, that scarf is adorable!

  3. Darling collection! I could use a sweater right now it's cold a rainy!

  4. so cozy...love 'm all...especially the coffee cozy!

  5. I love getting cosy :)

    Sarah x


  6. i played "cozy" all week while i was visiting seattle... but now i'm back in arizona where it's still 100 degrees. i have started drinking hot chocolate though. i can't resist it!

  7. That scarf is very cozy looking... I hope you make it to the end of October without your heater. Over here {in Melbourne, Aus} the weather is playing fun and games with us. One minute it's warm, the next it's cool. At the moment it's very warm!! Visiting from WILW.


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